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8 Myths Related to Pregnancy Every Expecting Woman Should Deny

Myths Related to Pregnancy Every Expecting Woman Should Deny

As shortly your pregnancy test shows a positive result the expecting mother is showered with advices coming from stork who comes to a pay a visit to her.

Dear expecting mothers, pregnancy is a very important phase of your life, so I will advise you to listen to experts and deny all the myths.

Discussed below are commonly heard pregnancies related myths along with a reasonable explanation to deny them:

8 Myths Related to Pregnancy Every Expecting Woman Should Deny
8 Myths Related to Pregnancy Every Expecting Woman Should Deny

8 Myths Related to Pregnancy Every Expecting Woman Should Deny

1. Myth-Sleeping on Back Hurts your Baby:

Truth- Sleeping on the left side is recommended as it increases the flow of blood to the uterus and placenta. Also, if you sleep on the side, it makes you feel better. But you may sleep on your back if you are comfortable in this position. It won’t harm your baby.

2. Myth-Pregnant Women Should not Have Sex:

Truth- Your baby is protected by seven layers In your womb. In fact, your cervix prepares itself, not to let anything enter your uterus. You can have safe sex during pregnancy until there is some specified medical condition. Just remember not to exert too much pressure.

3. Myth-Drink Castor Oil to Induce Normal and Safe Labour:

Truth- Castor oil is a laxative and may induce uterine contractions. But It may cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea and loss of fluid so better avoid it.

4.Myth-Do not Dye your Hairs During Pregnancy:

Truth- Dyes or any other hair products have no adverse effect on the fetus. However, the ammonia-containing dye has strong odours and may cause nausea in some pregnant women.

5. Myth- Lifting your Hand above your Head can Cause your Baby’s Umbilical Cord to Strangle Her:

Truth- The movements of your hand and the baby’s umbilical cord are not at all related. Baby’s movements are responsible in any case where babies are born with the wrapped umbilical cord around his neck.

6. Myth-Drinking Water While Standing Will Harm your Baby:

Truth- Drinking water while standing won’t harm your baby at all. Drink lots of water during pregnancy, just remember to sip water slowly to prevent vomiting.

7. Myth – Avoid Eating Smoked Salmon During Pregnancy:

Truth- There is no harm in eating salmon during pregnancy because it is a freshwater fish and carrying a less risk of mercury poisoning. In fact, salmon is a rich source of DHA that is an omega-3 fatty acid, which plays an important role in the development of the brain of the growing fetus.

8. Myth- Avoid Flying During First and Last Trimester of Pregnancy:

Truth-You may fly anytime during the pregnancy until and unless you do not have other medical conditions that may risk your pregnancy. It is better you once consult your doctor about it. There are a few airlines that do not permit a pregnant woman in her last trimester to travel, but that is because of their fear that the pregnant woman
may undergo into labor which will force them to land before reaching the actual destination.

During Pregnancy
During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant just make sure to eat healthy, exercise as your gynecologist advises and visit to your doctor regularly. No need to pay attention to myths at all.

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