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Amazing Hair Care Tips To Get Beautiful, Bouncy Hair!

We all love our hair either it may be longer, shorter, curlier or straighter but maintaining our hair in a healthy has become a huge problem leading to bleaching, ironing, chemical treatments which damages hair and makes it brittle, lifeless and the idea for getting beautiful hair through this treatments becomes nightmare. So, How are we going to get beautiful, bouncy hair without damaging them? This question arrives in everyone’s mind, don’t worry people have you forgotten what our mom says when it comes to hair care? The answer is oiling and many other home remedies. So, Here in this article I will be sharing with you all, proper way of oiling your hair hair care tips and home remedies which definitely transform your hair from dry, damaged to soft and nourished hair.

Amazing Hair Care Tips To Get Beautiful, Bouncy Hair!
Amazing Hair Care Tips To Get Beautiful, Bouncy Hair!

Combing The Right Way

When it comes to combing we just do it very fast and in a hurry which leads to hair fall and breakage. So, in order to avoid damage to the hair while combing they should be follow up of certain tips like

  • Don’t comb your hair when it is wet because our are fragile and prone to breakage when they are wet. Instead take wide toothed brush and brush gently.
  • If your hair is long then trying to use the brush instead of comb while detangling your hair to avoid hair fall.
Combing The Right Way
Combing The Right Way

Trim Hair Every 2 Months

Trimming of the hair is essential for its proper growth and strengthening of hair. It should be trim every 2-3 months for effective results. It also helps in removing split ends which result in a healthy growth of hair.

Don’t Wash Hair Everyday

Washing your hair regularly causes damage to the hair follicles which results in dry, damaged hair. Instead, try washing thrice weekly and don’t forget to use conditioner whenever you shampoo your hair.

Proper Conditioning

Use conditioner of the same brand of your shampoo as it will have same chemical composition which provide proper care the hair. Use cold water for rinsing conditioner because it will impart natural shine on to the hair. Try deep conditioning therapy once in awhile because it makes soft and silky as well as making it healthier.

Avoid Heating

Avoid using hair styling tools which style hair with a heat because it will damage your precious strands leading to thinning of hair, hair fall, split ends, and damaged hair. Instead, opt for the tools which do not cause any harm like

Avoid Heating
Avoid Heating

  • For curling your hair you can braid the hair night before and next day you will have soft smooth curls.
  • For straightening, wrap your wet hair tightly with hair bands and leave it overnight and the next day you wake up with awesome straight hair.

Avoid Sulfate Containing Shampoos

Do check your shampoo label as we check the label of our food products and avoid the shampoo which contains higher amount of sulfate because we cannot totally avoid sulfate as it the cleaning agent used in all most all the shampoos but this sulfate damages the hair and strips the essential oil of the hair leading to dry, lifeless and undernourished hair. So, look for the shampoo either it should not have sulfate or it should contain the lower amount of sulfate in it.

Proper Oiling

Oiling is essential for all problems related to hair as we eat food to fight with external system and combat diseases, oil is also food for our hair which fights with all sort of hair problems and gives you well nourished problem free hair.
Ways Of Oiling

  • Heat or warm your favourite oil mostly coconut oil is recommended and massage your scalp till the oil gets properly absorbed in your scalp.
  • OIling should be done the day before taking head bath. Oil should atleast be kept for 5-6 hours before bathing.
  • If you are facing hair fall problem then use olive oil all over your scalp.

Home Remedies To Get Beautiful, Bouncy Hair

For Oily Hair

Use Vinegar
Mix vinegar in your bathing water and rinse hair after shampooing and conditioning and notice bouncy and healthy looking hair.

Try Tea Tree Oil
Mix the small amount of tea tree oil in your hair oil which results in oil free beautiful hair.

For Dry Hair

Egg yolk and banana and honey

Try this hair mask if you are facing dry hair problem, you will notice the drastic improvement in the nature of your hair only after twice of its usage.

For Softens Hair

Try Yogurt Mask
Use yogurt all over your hair from root to tips and leave it for 15-20 minutes or until it dries off. It will impart glossy finish on the hair as you have come up from the parlour.

For Dandruff Removal

Hibiscus Leaves
Collect hibiscus leaves and make the smooth paste of it and applies it to the hair leave it until it dries. You will notice the gradual reduction in dandruff.

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