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Amazing Health benefits of Banana

Banana contains vitamins, fibre and carbohydrates, which enhances the energy level in the human body. They are tasty, affordable, and available throughout the year. It is available in three colours such as yellow, green and red. Raw banana is used for cooking. Potassium in banana facilitates balancing the electrolyte and body fluids in body cells and assists in regulating hypertension. Let us discuss about some health benefits of banana that are very effective.

Health Benefits Of Banana
Health Benefits Of Banana

Bananas combat with:

Make you smarter
Cure hangovers
Relieve morning sickness
Protect against kidney cancer

Regulating Blood pressure:

Potassium is rich source in banana, which helps in regulating blood pleasure.
Potassium reduces threat of heart stroke.
Potassium consumption gives energy and personal alerts.
It is an ideal fruit for blood pressure patients because it contains low amount of salt and high amount of potassium.

Enriched with vitamins:

A banana with medium sized consists of 450 mg of potassium.
A big size banana contains plenty of Vitamin A.
Vitamin A present in Banana helps some skeletal problems and development of and important tissue in the eye and helps for skin growth.

Fight anaemia:

Banana contains iron element, which helps in the formation of haemoglobin in the human body. Then it prevents from the anaemia.

Fibre- rich content:

To balance the body weight and avoid stomach problems, the fibre is an essential supplement.
Fiber content in Banana helps to combat constipation.
Due to the presence of Tryptophan, it effective in lifting the mood

A natural antacid:

Antacid in banana gives relief to heartburn.
Take banana milkshake and add honey to the milkshake. It is an excellent substance to calm the stomach.
And increase depleted sugar levels in the human body.

A Natural Antacid
A Natural Antacid

Helps to stop smoking:

Banana contains A1, B6, B12, C vitamins which helps the body to retrieve from the effects of nicotine removal.
It is ideal for chain-smokers.
Finally it supports to get rid of smoking.

Ideal for ulcers:

People who are suffering from ulcers, banana is the ideal supplement to prevent the issue.
Because its surface is very soft, so they can easily swallow the fruit.
It has a tendency to neutralise acidity too.
Banana can be effective after diarrhoea as well. Before going to bed, you can have banana, which helps to promote sleep. After workout, you can have a banana, which gives instant kick energy. It assists relax the muscles and protects you from any more episodes of leg cramps. It controls release of serotonin which is proven to be liable for the euphoric feeling after sexual intercourse.

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