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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sesame Oil

Health Benefits Of Sesame Oil

Sesame seeds are very healthy in nature irrespective of their small size. They are rich in calcium, vitamin E, thiamine, folic acid, iron, magnesium and zinc. It can be used in the raw form or for cooking in the form of cooking oil.

Health Benefits Of Sesame Oil
Health Benefits Of Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil is Very Beneficial for keeping our Body Healthy

Sesame oil has many health benefits to the body and helps in healing up the body with nourishing properties. Its oil has great benefits on our health as it is also widely used in many homes for cooking and medicinal purpose as well.

1# Good For Skin

Sesame oil is very rich in minerals, vitamin E and fatty acids that gives our skin a smooth and clear complexion. It is an effective moisturizer for the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. It has antioxidants that prevents the onset of free radicals and keeps the skin free from aging signs. It heals mild cuts and abrasions and reduces acne. Sesame oil also acts as a natural sunscreen and saves your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun when you step out of your home.

2# Healthy Hair

Sesame oil is very healthy for your hair and makes them strong too

By applying sesame oil regularly in your scalp you will get a healthy and nourished scalp that will be free from dandruff and dryness. It also helps in preventing the hair fall and grows your hair long and strong. Black sesame seeds are more helpful in treating hair problems than white sesame seeds and it also helps in preventing the graying of hair. Sesame oil also has sun blocking agents that helps in preventing the damage dun to the hair by sun rays when they remain exposed.

Sesame oil is very healthy for your hair and makes them strong too
Sesame oil is very healthy for your hair and makes them strong too

3# Healthy For Heart

Sesame oil is low in saturated fat and rich in mono saturated and unsaturated fats. This helps in keeping the heart healthy and also keeps cholesterol in control. It also helps in keeping blood pressure levels low and treats the problem of high blood pressure. Being an antioxidant, sesame oil helps in improving the blood flow in the arteries and moderates fluid levels in the bloodstream.

4# Strong Bones

Sesame oil is good for keeping the bones healthy and strong as it contains important minerals like copper, zinc and calcium. These minerals are essential for the growth of the bones and improves bone density as well. Sesame oil helps in preventing osteoporosis and arthritis and other bone disorders during old age.

5# Dental Care

Sesame oil helps in pulling out bacteria and plaque from the teeth

Sesame oil is highly recommended for oil pulling purpose that helps in cleaning up the plaque and yellow coating from your teeth. Just take some oil mixed with water and keep swishing it around in your mouth for good 10 minutes and then spit it out from your mouth. Then rinse your mouth with fresh water and keep your mouth fresh and free from bacteria. It has anti-bacterial properties that helps in boosting your dental health.

Sesame oil helps in pulling out bacteria and plaque from the teeth
Sesame oil helps in pulling out bacteria and plaque from the teeth

6# Prevents Diabetes

Sesame oil has high content of magnesium that helps in combating the diabetes and keeps blood sugar levels minimized. Studies have shown that sesame oil being replaced as a cooking oil in the household has shown a significant amount of health benefits in those suffering from diabetes. It stabilizes the blood pressure and also reduces the plasma glucose level in hypertensive patients.

7# Good For Baby’s Health

Sesame oil can be used for massaging your baby’s skin as it nourishes your baby’s skin by combating dryness and leaves it soft and smooth. It can also be applied on the diaper rash as it treats the diaper rash effectively and keeps them at bay by moisturizing the skin and healing the rashes effectively.

8# Treats Constipation

Even of you eat lot of fiber and drink enough water then too, if you are on regular medications then they tend to make you feel constipated. Sesame oil can effectively treat your problem of constipation when you consume 1-2 tsp of sesame oil regularly. This smooths down your bowel movements and keeps constipation at bay. You will feel much relieved once you start taking it in routine.

9# Prevents Contagious Infections

Sesame oil has anti-inflammatory qualities that helps in treating the contagious infections. It also helps in treating infected and inflamed skin. Sesame oil is also known to fight with bacterial infections and keeps them at bay. This oil penetrates deep into the skin and gives a detoxifying effect to the skin. It keeps your skin clear of acne and pimples and gives it a healthy glow.

10# Keeps Anxiety At Bay

Sesame oil has magnesium and calcium that keeps anxiety at bay

Sesame oil helps in calming down the anxiety as it contains stress relieving minerals like magnesium and calcium. It also contains calming vitamins that helps in producing serotonin that helps in keeping the mood light and also prevents frequent mood swings. It also keeps the mind calm and gives a peaceful sleep throughout the night

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