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Amazing Home Remedies To Treat Stretch Marks Successfully

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are usually associated with pregnancy and pregnant mothers but it can also occur when you lose weight rapidly or you gain on a faster rate. It can also occur if you go in for vigorous stretching or exercise.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks
How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch Mark are Stubborn but they can be Removed by Effective Home Remedies

It makes your skin appear dull and ugly as there are certain discoloured lines on your skin which makes the skin’s texture rough and not supple or smooth. There are certain home remedies which might help in lightening the stretch marks.

1#Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known to be the best oil for the skin as it keeps the texture of the skin soft and smooth. It keeps the skin clean and it also helps in removing the dryness and marks from the skin. When it comes to stretch marks then coconut oil is your best friend.

It not only moisturizes your skin well but also helps in lightening the stretch marks. Before taking a bath or after the bath, moisturize your skin well with coconut oil. A good 10 minutes massage with coconut oil will give your skin a blemish free look and it will also lighten down your stretch marks in a wonderful way.You can also rub some organic coconut oil on your stretch marks gently before going to the bed and leave it overnight. In the morning take bath from lukewarm water so that the oil will rub off from your skin. Repeat this process everyday and see the difference it will bring to your stretch marks.

2#Coffee Powder

Coffee is known to be the best exfoliator for the skin as it cleans the pores of the skin and leaves it fresh and clear. Just take 1 tsp of coffee powder and mix it with half a tsp of olive oil. Mix them well to make a scrub and then massage your stretch marks with this scrub for 5 minutes in a circular motion.Now leave this on your stretch marks for atleast 15 minutes and then wash off with warm water. You can repeat this process twice or thrice in a week to lighten your stretch marks easily.

3#Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very good for the skin as it is an antioxidant and helps in regenerating the skin tissues as well. It also heals the skin cells and gives a blemish free look to the skin. It is easily found in almost every household and you can grow it in your home as well. Take a shoot of aloe vera and cut it into half. Now Squeeze out its gel and then apply this on your stretch marks. Massage gently for about 10 minutes till it gets completely absorbed in your skin. Leave it on your skin for half an hour and then wash off with normal water. You can repeat this process on daily basis to lighten your stretch marks within few weeks.

4#Cucumber and Lemon Juice

Cucumber and lemon are good for the skin and they both helps in lightening the marks or blemishes present on the skin. Cucumber hydrates the skin and gives it a fresh feel while lemon fights off the dist and dirt and clears up your pores well. Take 1 lemon and slice it into half, squeeze out the juice of half lemon into the bowl minus the seeds and then grate half of the cucumber and squeeze it well to take out its juice in the same bowl. Mix these two well and then apply on your stretch marks. Let it get dry and wait for atleast 20 minutes before washing it off with normal water. Both of them will take care of your skin and lighten the marks by giving you a confident look.

5#Castor Oil

Castor oil is rich in vitamin E which keeps the stretch marks away

Castor oil is rich in vitamin E that is essential for keeping the skin soft and supple. It takes acre of various skin diseases and treats them effectively when applied on daily basis. Just take some warm castor oil in your palms and rub it well on your stretch marks for few minutes. Let it get absorbed in your skin and then wash off after 10 minutes. When you will use it on daily basis, you will notice the difference in your stretch marks as they will get lighter day by day and your skin will brighten up.

6#Almond And Coconut Oil

Both almond and coconut oil are good for the skin as they contain essential vitamins that are good for the skin and they take care of the skin by keeping it supple and healthy. They also hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized by removing dryness and dullness as well. Take equal parts of almond oil and coconut oil and mix them well. Now apply this on your skin and massage well till it gets absorbed in your skin completely. Wait for 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water after sometime. You can repeat this process twice or thrice in a week and you will see the stretch marks running away slowly from your skin leaving it smooth and supple.

7#Sugar And Lemon

Sugar is a good exfoliator and it helps in rubbing off the dead skin away. It also takes away dryness off the skin. Take 2 tsp of sugar and mix half a lemon juice into this. Mix these two well till you get a smooth texture. You can also add some drops of almond oil to it as almond helps in nourishing the skin and keeps it soft and supple. Take this mixture and gently rub it on your stretch marks for good 10 minutes. Let it dry and then wash off with warm water. You can make this scrub and store it in a plastic box so that you can use it on the regular basis.

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