Saturday , 25 November 2023

Simran Kohli

How To Fight Your Phobias

Challenge your thoughts

Most people have in them an irrational fear which takes a toll on them and their lifestyle. It could be the fear of a thing as tiny as a needle or a spider but facing it could develop overwhelming terror in them. It is these kind of intense fears , that are not normal, that is called phobias. Even if …

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Social Medias Impact On Mental Health Of Public

Researches to be Proof

Almost everyone, nowadays, is a member of a social networking site. The growing cult of social medias like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter etc were actually found to connect people, to make world a more open and in a word, small. It has provided us a platform to share and learn and allows us to make new friends from any part …

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Is Today’s Sedentary Lifestyle Effecting Children’s Health?

Is Today's Sedentary Lifestyle Effecting Children's Health?

The 2016 Participation report card that aims at getting parents and health care providers to factor in sleep to keep children and young adults healthy, scored the children of Canada an F in sedentary behaviour. The report states that only less than a quarter of 5 to 16 year olds meet the recommendation of recreational screen time of no more …

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Give Your Closet A Makeover

Arrange Things

Arranging and organising closets could be a bane. Specially, if you find yourself in a situation where you open the closet doors and you face a cloth avalanche, it’s high time you realise that your wardrobe needs a makeover. All those closets stacked up with loads of clothes and accessories are never easy to manage. You can’t find one thing …

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Healthy Ways To Start Your Day

Take a Shower

Your morning can be messy with that foggy head and bit of laziness to get going. However. It is a fact that your day depends on how you start it. Just like you know, after a tiff with your partner or after a hearing a bad news right after you wake up, you don’t hope the day to go up …

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The Trending Smart Phone Addiction

Almost 9 out of 10 own a smart phone

You eat , drink sleep even free your bowels with the device stuck to your hand and significantly to your brain. Some don’t even take their heads off the screen to even cross a road or drive a car! The addiction of smart phone has made an huge impact on people and it continues to strengthen its hold. The Rise …

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What Tricks To Fall Asleep

Few Such Hacks to Help You Fall A Sleep

There are some days when sleep is no were around the corner. Twisting and twirling, tossing and turning , staring at the ceiling, you lie in your bed trying catch some sleep before its time, again, to get working. The anxiety of sleeplessness may in itself feed on you, making it more difficult for you to relax and sleep. However, …

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Reusing Plastic Bottles At Home

Wall Decor

The fact about plastic pollution is nothing new to your information. It is almost everywhere and it continues to pollute the environment. Why wouldn’t it? Because one trip to the grocery store and your homes are filled with plastic. Even when the store have quit on using plastic bags, there’s more of plastic items that make your grocery list- plastic …

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Yummy And Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Fruity Smoothie

Smoothies are just as good and delicious as the word sounds. The creamy texture and the filling satisfying substance can also be made in healthy varieties apart from the just fatty and delicious ones, so that all of you can enjoy it, even if you are someone who counts on every calorie you swallow. Here are few recipes to yummy …

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Staying Safe On The Internet

Staying Safe On The Internet

The web has made accessibility and connection a child’s play. Everything is a click away. However, it also holds great amount of danger for the young and naive. Internet usage have , many times, proven dangerous fencing in individuals in its trap. In this era, internet has become unavoidable. From children’s assignments to large business deals everything needs an internet …

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