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Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Lemon Water During Pregnancy

Should you drink lemon water during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the phase where female needs to take extra care of herself. Pregnancy completes you as a woman and fills you with the joy of bringing a new life in the world. It is the time when you need to eat the best food for yourself and the baby developing in your womb.

Benefits Of Lemon Water During Pregnancy
Benefits Of Lemon Water During Pregnancy

Lemon water has a special place in the pregnancy foods. It not only relieves the morning sickness and combats nausea but also provides you with essential nutrients required during pregnancy.

Let us discuss in detail about the benefits of lemon water during pregnancy.

Health Benefits Of Lemon Water During Pregnancy

Relieves Constipation

One of the common side effects of pregnancy and pregnancy medicines is constipation. However, drinking a glass of lemon water will make your bowel movements smooth and stimulates the liver keeping constipation at bay.

Boost Body Immunity

Lemon water is rich in vitamin C. Most of the pregnant females experience the deficiency of Vitamin C. Deficiency of Vitamin C not only weakens your immune system but also complicates the childbirth. Lemon water stocks you up with the daily requirement of Vitamin C and keep diseases at bay.

Lemon Water is Rich in Antioxidants

Being rich in antioxidants lemon water acts as a natural cleanser. It flushes out the body toxins and keeps the infections away. Drinking a glass of lemon water is beneficial for all over health during pregnancy.

Helps in the Bone Development of the Baby

Lemon water is a rich source of potassium. It promotes the development of bone in growing foetus. Studies show that regular intake of a glass of lemon water during pregnancy helps in the brain development of the baby.

Keeps the Blood Pressure Under Check

Blood pressure fluctuations is very common during pregnancy. If you suffer from high blood pressure or low blood pressure during pregnancy, lemon water will help you keep the blood pressure under check.

Reduces Swelling

Swelling of feet is very common during the pregnancy. It is a symptom of high blood pressure or anaemia during the pregnancy. O edema during pregnancy is unhealthy, uncomfortable and painful. To keep at o edema at bay drink lemon water.

Relieves Heartburn During Pregnancy

Another common discomfort experienced by most of the pregnant females is heartburn. Heartburn is mostly accompanied with bloating of stomach and feeling of congestion in the heart. Consumption of lemon water release heartburn and other accompanying symptoms.

Regulate the Level of Cholesterol

The intake of lemon water helps the pregnant woman to maintain the level of cholesterol. This happens because of the property of lemon juice to expel the harmful toxins from the body.

An Alternative of Caffeine

Studies show that it is better to avoid or limit the intake of coffee during pregnancy because caffeine potentially seeps in through the placenta and affects the fetus. If you are the one who cannot make out the day without coffee intake better sip on lemon juice. Lemon juice is filled with natural electrolytes that keeps you awake, alert, fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

Although the lemon water is beneficial during pregnancy still we advise you to once consult your doctor before consuming it during your pregnancy. If you experience any symptoms after taking lemon water that persists for long, better talk to your doctor. Avoid lemonade sold in the market as medicines during pregnancy may counteract due to the preservatives present in it. Use organic lemon. Avoid chilled lemon water as it leads to cold and cough during the pregnancy.

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