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Benefits Of Neem Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

Benefits Of Neem Oil

Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the neem tree. Being rich in fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic acid it offers a lot of benefits to skin and hair. Two significant compounds Azadirachara Indica and triterpenoid found in this oil render it antiseptics antipyretic antihistamine and anti fungal properties.

Benefits Of Neem Oil
Benefits Of Neem Oil

However, What is Neem oil Suitable for?And Is neem oil safe to use?

Yes, neem oil is very safe to use. It is loaded with medicinal properties and has innumerable benefits for health, skin and hair. Below is the list. Have a look.

Beauty Benefits of Neem Oil

Relieves the symptoms of eczema

Neem oil is an ancient remedy to relieve symptoms of eczema such as dry skin and itch. It soothes the skin and treats irritation and rashes.

Neem oil for acne and skin inflammation

Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties neem oil treats inflammatory skin diseases and promotes skin healing. The compounds present in neem oil reduces redness and scar formation.

Prevent acne breakouts

By preventing the formation of comedones the fatty acids present in this oil prevents the clogging of pores and prevent acne breakouts.

Slows ageing

The antioxidants present in neem oil protects our skin from damage caused due to free radicals, sun and environmental damage. In addition, this magical oil contains vitamins, and essential fatty acids that improves the elasticity of skin, builds collagen, rejuvenates the skin, enhances skin tone and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Promotes wound healing

Not only neem oil reduces inflammation but also promotes healing due to the presence of active ingredients. Fatty acids present in this oil maintains skin elasticity and build collagen. It speeds healing and reduces scar formation.

Benefits of Neem Oil for Hair

Maintain scalp pH

The pH of scalp is naturally acidic. The hair care products we use along with environmental issues such as pollution affects the pH level of scalp and damages the hair. Neem Oil maintains a healthy pH level of the scalp and prevents hair fall.

Strengthens the hair root

Regular use of neem oil regulates secretion which is essential for a healthy scalp. This, in turn, strengthens the hair root and revitalises the damaged hair. When hair is healthy, it grows thicker and stronger.

Repair damaged hair

By repairing the hair cuticle our magical oil makes hair more manageable and smooth. It also repairs split ends and tames frizzes.

Give hair shine

The fatty acid present in the neem oil moisturises the scalp and hair, nourishes it and leave it healthy and Shiny.

Prevents and removes head lice

Head lice is a widespread problem, especially in school-going children. Most of the anti-lice treatment available in market damages hair and harm skin and eyes. Better, use neem oil for this purpose. Neem Oil contains compounds such as azadirachtin that kills lice and nits. In addition, the odour of neem oil repels lice. The best part is Neem oil is safe to use.

Treat the fungal infection

As mentioned above neem oil is anti fungal. This property is attributed to compounds such as nimbidol and gedunin. Both the compounds are effective against the treatment of nail fungus athlete’s foot ringworm and other fungal infections.

Lighten skin pigmentation

Neem oil has the property to reduce the production of melanin. It lightens the skin complexion, and even skin.

Benefits Of Neem Oil for Gums and Teeth

Reduces the plague

Plague and calculus are formed when bacteria adheres to our teeth. Regular use of neem oil kills the bacteria and prevents adhesion.

Prevents gum diseases

The antimicrobial properties of neem oil prevents diseases such as gingivitis.

Prevents bad breath

Daily use of dental care products rich in Neem oil keeps our mouth healthy and produces sweet breath.

Health Benefits of Neem Oil

Enhances body’s immune system

phyto chemicals present in neem oil kills bacteria, fungus or virus and eliminates free radicals. It strengthens the body immunity and keeps body healthy.

Prevents and treats cancer

Recent study shows that neem oil causes death of prostate cancer cells and it may be effective in treating prostate cancer. This magical oil is rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, kaempferol, limonin and azadirachtin that not only combat inflammation but also interfere cancer cells development.

Effective against chicken pox, warts and other viral diseases

Neem oil is antiviral. It eliminates the disease causing virus ad also prevents it from invading cells. It also prevents the spread of viral diseases and heals the patient quickly.

Protects liver from several diseases

Neem oil filters out the toxins and maintains the liver health. It also effectively treats jaundice.

The benefits of neem is still a topic of research. We will keep you updated with the recent studies. Keep reading

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