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Best Home remedies to treat Diarrhea

An individual will go to bowel movements for one or two or three times in a day, it depends on the food consumption. If anyone intake food one time, he/she will go to bowel movement one time in a day. If anyone takes the food two times, he will go for two times. If anyone three times, he will go for three times. If anyone goes for more than three times, especially in watery and loose, it indicates he is suffering from Diarrhea. Then the person tends to become weak.


  • The digestive system is not working properly
  • Causing frequent loose
  • Liquid bowel movements

The main causes of diarrhea:

  • Food poisoning
  • Viral infections
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Food items
  • Home treatment can aid you cure your diarrhea and avoid other related issues. Here are some Home remedies to treat Diarrhea and to calm down.


  • When it comes to the fluids, we have to discuss about the liquids. They are:
  • Water- A person who is suffering from diarrhea, he needs to drink 2 ½ liters water per day. Not only an affected person, but also a normal person should intake the water amount mentioned above.
  • Sea salt solutions – it is really good for attacked person. Take some amount of sea salt and mix it with water and drink it three times a day, which gives you better results.
  • Coconut water and sports drinks – in the disease period, you need to have lots of vitamins and minerals. So, these will surely help you in the perfect manner. Finally, to avoid your boy from dehydration, you need to intake above liquids.

Mustard seeds:
Take mustard seeds and mix it with water and drink it three times in a day for better results.


  • Ginger is an amazing ingredient for the digestion process. Blend a ginger in a table spoon of honey and swallow it. You can swallow this solution three times in a day for better results.
  • You can add ginger in the tea to treat diarrhea. Ginger cures cramps, poisoning and other related problems

Turmeric water:
Blend a table spoon of turmeric power in a glass of water and drink it. But this is to be use in the early morning after wake up immediately.

Turmeric water
Turmeric water


  • Yogurt has a few bacterial cultures. They are:
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium
  • Due to having these bacterial cultures, it has capacity to treat the diarrhea problem. Lactic acid in yogurt destructs the bad bacteria.
  • Boil the water and mix two table spoons of curd, pinch of turmeric powder, few curry leaves, asafetida and salt to the boiling water. Wait for until it becomes cool and have it. It is a good remedy to cure diarrhea problem.

Apple cider vinegar:

  • Pectin in apple cider vinegar aids to soothe an irritated stomach. Take apple cider vinegar and mix it with water and have it. It is the best solution to get relief from the problem.

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