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Best Homemade Face packs with Yogurt for your Healthy skin

Every woman’s dream is having beautiful and clear skin. Due to busy schedules, ultraviolet rays of sun and polluted world face becomes very hard to maintain. These cause to pimples, spots, blemishes and tanning etc. Don’t use chemical products, which are very harmful to your skin. Now you can prepare your homemade face packs with yogurt for your healthy skin.

homemade face packs with yogurt for your healthy skin
homemade face packs with yogurt for your healthy skin
  • Beauty Benefits of Yogurt for Skin:
  • It helps your skin exfoliate, hydrate and smooth skin.
  • It provides the additional moisture needed by the skin.
  • It helps to eliminate dull and tired skin.
  • It makes the skin glowing.
  • It helps to reduce breakouts.
  • It helps lighten blemishes
  • It helps to prevents redness of the skin.
  • It helps remove the dark circles under the eye area
  • It helps smoothen out discoloured skin
  • Yoghurt helps prevent premature skin ageing.
  • It helps to prevent wrinkles
  • It keeps the skin youthful and glowing.
  • It helps in tighten facial pores
  • It fights with fungal infections on the skin
  • It helps provide relief from the burning and itching sensation
  • Yoghurt provides sufficient nourishment and strengthening to the hair
  • It helps stimulate blood circulation.

For Dry skin:


  • One tbsp. of curd
  • Few drops of honey
  • Thick pea flour


  • Take all the ingredients above mentioned, add some water and mix them well.
  • Make a fine paste with them.
  • Now apply the past on entire face and neck region.
  • Wait for twenty minutes and rinse off your face.
  • This is for only dry skin people.

For Oily skin:


  • One tbsp. of multani mitti powder
  • Tow tbsp. of hung curd
  • neem powder


  • Take one tbsp. of multani mitti powder and tow tbsp. of hung curd in a muslin cloth.
  • You can easily make hung curd in your home.
  • Now tie the cloth and hang it for two hours.
  • You will observe a drop fall down on the floor.
  • So put a bowl where the drop falls down.
  • Then add neem powder to these drops.
  • The face pack for oily skin is ready.
  • For Oily skin
    For Oily skin

For sensitive skin:


  • A ripe banana
  • Some curd
  • Plain Water

-How to make?

  • Take all the ingredients and mix them well to make a smooth paste.
  • Apply the paste on your face and retain it to be for some time.
  • Now rinse off your face with cold water.
  • This face pack helps to give you a healthy and beautiful skin.

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