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Bruised Cervix: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

If you haven’t ever heard of bruised cervix, let me tell you it is sex injury caused to the cervix and is uncomfortable and painful. Obviously, no women want to suffer from it.

What is Bruised Cervix?

The cervix is the opening between the vaginal canal and uterus in the female. In a sexually active female, the bruised cervix may happen after the intercourse with a partner or using a sex toy. It is common as two different bodies of two different shapes are performing two different actions.

Bruised Cervix
Bruised Cervix

The pain may also lead to involuntary muscle spasm to prevent further penetration of any sort. There may not be long term damage, but bruised cervix influences other tissues hamper sex life and is painful and uncomfortable.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bruised Cervix?

The symptoms of bruised cervix depend on how much the injury is. There is burning pain along with cramps and pain in the abdomen. There is an aching sensation deep inside during and after penetration. Also, there may be bleeding, spotting and back pain during intercourse until the cervix is healed.

What Causes Bruised Cervix?

The bruised cervix is caused due to penetration by the penis or a sex toy. Except for penetration, any other kind of injury is unlikely to happen. It happened due to a thrust of the penis, fist or sex toy deep inside with force.
Some females are more likely to suffer from the bruised cervix. Cervix position and monthly cycle also have a role to play. Bruising is more likely during the ovulation period and in females in whom the cervix and vaginal opening is very close.

How Is Bruised Cervix Treated?

In most cases, no treatment is required to treat bruised cervix. It heals on its own in a few days. But if your cervix is sensitive and susceptible to bruising consult your gynecologist as there may be some underlying infection. Also, see your doctor if it is frequent or there is spotting after intercourse.

In general the bruised cervix may heal on itself in a few days. Pain eases in 2-3 days. However the duration of healing differs from women to women. Avoid any kind of penetration during this period. To avoid injury in the future try some other position next time.

Home Remedies For Bruied Cervix

1. Sit On Pillow For Bruised Cervix-

To get rid of pain sit on a cushion or pillow until the tenderness of vagina subsides.

2. Hot Compress For Bruied Cervix-

To a relief backache, and pain in abdomen, try hot compress. For this soak towel in hot water and wring out excess water. Place the towel on your abdomen. Repeat this for 10-15 minutes a few times in a day.

3. Massage Abdomen For Bruised Cervix-

Massage back and abdomen to relieve tension. You may use war, castor oil for this purpose. Make sure the strokes should be gentle.

4. Wear Comfortable Clothes-

Wear loose clothes to avoid further irritation.

5. Essential Oil For Bruised Cervix-

Apply Clary sage oil or lavender essential oil after diluting with some carrier oil such as coconut oil.

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