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Causes of Bad Breath And Body Odor:Home Remedies

Things That Cause Bad Breath And Body Odor

Bad breath and body odor can definitely spoil your lovely date, social get-togethers and also business meetings. No matter how much amount of deodorant and Mouth freshener you use the problem persist when these things evaporate .If this the same problem with you then there might be some problem with your bowel habits and other habits that causing you to stink. Mainly bad breath is due to a high amount of protein intake and also improper oral hygiene, moreover studies have shown that nonmeat eaters have good breath than meat eaters. Let’s have a look at following habits that might be the reason for your smell in detail and ways to get rid of it.

Causes of Bad Breath And Body Odor:Home Remedies, Treatment, Medications
Causes of Bad Breath And Body Odor:Home Remedies, Treatment, Medications

Excessive body heat

They are some evidence that shows that excessive amount of heat of the body causes the skin to release stinking gasses from the body that cause body odor as well as bad breath. The foods that increase body heat is grains and proteins which cause hard stools, constipation, and bad breath

How To Avoid It
If this is the problem with you then avoiding this can be very easy because by regular consumption of cucumber, watermelon, mint, apples and radishes can fight this problem very easily and also consume 8 glasses of water daily.

Improper toweling after shower

If you are in a hurry after a shower and don’t towel properly in the areas where there are the chances of growth of microorganisms like underarms, belly and other areas which are susceptible to growth of organism which causes skin to stink.

How To Avoid It
Don’t worry about this improper toweling because many of us face the same problem because of a busy lifestyle. So, avoid it by blow drying the body parts where sweat penetrates easily and cause bad odor. You can also use antibacterial and antifungal powder on your body.

Protein rich diet

High amount of protein in your diet might cause the bacterial growth while you sweat that leads to body odor as well as bad breath problem

How To Avoid It
In order to get rid of this problem they are very easy solution that is you need to increase the high amount of chlorophyll in your diet especially green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cabbage and parsley because this food contains antioxidants which fight with the organism causing bad breath and body odor. Include this veggie in your every meal and notice the difference.


Stress is major factor which increases your amount of sweating period even if you are under air conditioner this happens because when we stress about something our sweat glands increase their amount of sweating that reacts with the bacteria causing body odor

How To Avoid It
Decrease intake of coffee for two weeks that gradually reduces stress and also increase your sleeping time that helps in maintaining stress-free life.

Improper Brushing

Regular brushing cannot combat bad breath but the proper cleaning of mouth should be given priority like if you brush only your teeth and do not clean the tongue then thousands of bacteria present on the tongue would not be cleaned resulting in emitting hydrogen sulfide vapors in the form of bad breath.

How To Avoid It
Use soft bristle brushes on your tongue to get rid of bad breath problem and also use mouthwashes by proper gargling which kill many microorganisms presents inside the mouth. Use a toothpaste containing tea tree oil with benefits of eucalyptus oil which combat body odor as well as improve digestive system regulating easy digestion. Switch to peppermint oil that kills harmful bacteria which has antibacterial property leaves you with fresh breath.

Using Same Undergarments For Ages

You use the same undergarment daily without washing it that causes you to stink your body and also your new clothes.

Using Same Undergarments For Ages
Using Same Undergarments For Ages

How To Avoid It
Change your undergarments regularly as you change your dresses.

During Periods

There is no doubt that you do sweat a lot during your ovulating days because during those days hormonal level is high causing you to sweat a lot with bad odor and also increase in the amount of vaginal secretion

How To Avoid It
Use strong antiperspirant or deodorant to get rid of the smell and also use cotton undergarment which allows sweat to evaporate easily and does not trap any bacteria.


Some of the medications from hypertension to stress relievers might cause drying of mouth that lead to oral problems which cause smelling of the mouth.

How To Avoid It
Consult your physician ask him to change your dosage regimen or switching to any other alternative will solve the problem. Try to breathe through the nose instead of mouth which avoids drying of mouth. Keep yourself hydrated with consumption of water every now and then and also limit coffee consumption.

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