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Confused which Hair Cut to Go for?

When giving your boy or girl a haircut you need to put into consideration his face shape. Here is a guide on the best haircuts for different face shapes and this kind of hair cuts are trending in the year 2016 as per the shapes of faces:


An oblong face is a face that is longer than wide. Since the face is slim and with more length your aim is to go for a hairstyle that gives your kid the illusion of shorter, rounder face. To redress the balance go for a style that allows the kid to sweep his hair forward.



A kid with an oval face has a face that is wider at the forehead and a rounded chin. The cool thing with this shape is that you can get away with almost any haircut. To avoid giving the illusions of a too rounded face avoid going for the over-the-top fringe style.

One of the best haircuts to go for is the contemporary pompadour where the sides are short while the top has a little bit of hair.


A triangle face is widest at the cheekbones, but thinnest at the chin. To balance the look you go for a hair style that adds some width to the chin. The best haircuts to go for are messy cuts. These cuts draw attention to the striking facial features of your child thus people ignore the overall face shape.


A square face is angular with a sharp jawbone and straight sides. The width of the face is consistent from the forehead to jaw. To emphasize the look, go for shorter haircuts.


Tips to consider when cutting your kid’s hair

Cutting a child’s hair is tricky and it’s always recommended that you take him to a professional barber. If you don’t want to take him to the barber you can cut the hair at home.

Before you start cutting the hair ensure that the child’s hair is thoroughly clean. If going for a long cut, use a pair of scissors to cut the hair. If interested in a shorter haircut, use electric haircutting clippers. Whether cutting the hair short or long, always cut it from the back.

Children are known to be stubborn when undertaking the haircut. To keep them still and focused, cut the hair in front of video or TV. This will keep the child glued to the screen thus you will cut hair without any problem. While many parents make decisions for their children on the type of haircuts that they should go for, this shouldn’t be the case with you. To make your kid feel appreciated and loved, ask him the type of haircut that he wants.


Considering your child’s face shape when giving him a hair cut ensures that you give him a cut that flatters his features. Children haircuts are usually cheap; therefore, if you feel that you are unsure of whether you can be able to give your kid a haircut you should take him to a barber. Hair cutting is an art and you need to cut the hair right to look great. We have hundreds of boys’ haircuts that you can borrow.

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