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Everything You Need to know About Tongue Cleaning

Hello everyone! It’s a great day isn’t it? Are you all set to go out after brushing your teeth, making your hair and wearing that comfortable dress? Wait I guess you did miss something. Your tongue! Imagine talking to someone who has a foul breath? Total turn off isn’t it? You wouldn’t want to end up in a similar situation where someone else would feel like running miles away from you.

Everything You Need to know About Tongue Cleaning
Everything You Need to know About Tongue Cleaning

You have to learn to clean your tongue to avoid bad breath and many other ill effects. Please go ahead read the article and start following these oral health habits.

1 How often you must Clean your Tongue?

As often as you brush your teeth would be the right answer!

At the minimum, clean your tongue once in the morning and once in the night.

You can also use a mouthwash to rinse your mouth and kill additional bacteria.

Clean your Tongue
Clean your Tongue

2 Using a Brush/ A Scraper

Once you’re done brushing your teeth, now focus on your tongue.

Just use the bristles of your brush to clean your tongue as well.

This will remove all the bacteria and food particles that are thriving in your tongue in a thin layer of mucus.

You can also use some toothpaste to get rid of odor causing bacteria.

Apply some gentle pressure and finish off by rinsing with water.

You can also go ahead and use a tongue scraper instead of a brush to remove the debris off your tongue.

3 Why you need these?

Benefit -1: Improves overall Dental Health

When your tongue is filled with bacteria, this could probably spread across and cause gum infections, cavities, throat infections as well.

Therefore cleaning your tongue is the best way to keep your entire mouth healthy.

Benefit -2: Deal with Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by food particles that decay in your tongue.

The bacteria present in your tongue can start eating away at the food particles and thus due to a natural chemical reaction, the process releases a horrible smell.

Thus scraping your tongue not only removes the food particles, it can also remove these odor causing bacteria.

Benefit -3: Heighten Your Sense of Taste

The white film on your tongue often reduces your sense for taste.

Your taste buds never really get a chance to savor the food you eat.

Thus scraping your tongue will open room for you to savor every morsel leading to a good sense of taste.

Benefit -4: Prevent Toxin Reabsorption

Most of the times, the white layer formed on the tongue is just toxins your body is trying to remove.

You shouldn’t gulp it down and let all that toxins enter your system.

Therefore to avoid reabsorption of all these toxins one must go ahead and scrape their tongue and eliminate all the gunky toxins and chemicals off your tongue.

Benefit -5: Stimulate Your Organs

You might have heard that massaging your feet can stimulate various organs, similarly your tongue can also stimulate various body organs.

Scraping the tip of your tongue will stimulate your heart, the sides will stimulate your spleen, gall bladder and liver.

In sum, maintaining an oral health is very essential because this will build your confidence to talk to anyone and at the same time you also tend to be a healthier version of you because you would have eliminated so many bacteria and toxins straight away. A healthy you begins with a healthy lifestyle. Remember to scrape your tongue and clean it the next time you brush your teeth. I hope you found this article insightful, if you loved it please share the benefits to those who seek for it. Have a great day dear ones!

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