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Fashion Trends but Attitude Matters

What’s the gambling part of the game when it comes to styling yourself for the next party? You’ll go to a designer, ask for the best which makes you look best. The designer from the fashion store rolls out tons of accessories and dresses thrown at you and you are the one who is left confused with the hard part of selection. Men and Women fashion stores are equipped with varied collection which suit the occasion. It may be formal wear for office or for partying at a pub with casual wear and not to mention the traditional wears for the marriages and cultural events. We’ll now take you to a fashion ride. Read ahead to discover what suits and what not to wear as tricky right read it again 🙂

designer party
designer party

Usually people don’t bother about wearing anything they feel comfortable for them at home. Even a street shopping would do the job. Go to any local fashion store pickup the one you like and buy it. You even have the option of bargaining some times. When coming to party wear you need to tickle your brain to think what to wear. If you are an employee of a corporate company, they have a dress code for their internal parties, so it won’t be a big problem. Client meeting at office usually end with a formal business party. Formal party wear just look good with a striped or plain full-sleeve shirt tucked in formal plain looking trousers or khakis for men. Colors matter here, shirts and trousers play an opposite colour game. If shirt is light in color a dark color trouser would work smart.

Stylish poly silk formal neck wear tie would add up the elegance. For ladies out there a simple white full sleeve shirt with a blazer on top and trousers would make an elegant business look and that’s the latest fashion trend after saris. Men’s can wear black or brown pointed shoe while women can just wear a high heel sandal. Alert for women here, say no to low-heels it looks odd. A dignified unisex watch with a rectangular dial will complete the formal look for both men and women. A simple thin gold chain will be enough for women’s neck and not any bulky ornaments. Fashion experts say ornaments wouldn’t look dignified for a formally dressed man, so decide you now.

fashion trend
fashion trend

Enough of formal looks formal wears and formal talks. It’s party time now. Change your mood, we now have row of accessories and dresses lined up for casual occasions. Casual occasion itself is a stage where you can show up your fashion attitude. T-shirts, pools, denims, chequered shirts, bracelets, watches, rings, wrist bands, finger rings, shoes of varieties, traditional wears and the list is endless. When we talk about casual occasions it’s again a combination of different variants of events as said before. It may be a weekend party with bunch of friends at a fine place, a beach party, a family function. It may also be a traditional and cultural social function. Every event has its own variant of dressing style. So, here we make some sub sections for you to understand better.

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