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Get Simple Treatment for Passing Gas

Treatment for Passing Gas:

Passing a gas on daily basis is normal and the average person passes it at least 10 to 12 times per day. Passing a gas even up to 23 times per day can be a normal. If your child is passing gas more than this amount then that may be a sign of excessive gas. Gas bothers are some people more than others. This can be supplemented by gas pains and bloating where this is the feeling of fullness and cramping that can be accompany gas. This is also known as flatulence that is frequently caused by swallowing the air while eating or drinking and also, foods that are high in fiber like beans, cabbage, carbonated drinks etc., that can cause by excessive gas. It can occur due to the heavy food and vegetables then it happens to Lactose intolerance that differs from a food allergy because it isn’t, despite the discomfort it can cause, life-threatening.

passing gas
passing gas


It is diagnosed by a simple test that is called a hydrogen breath test. After an overnight fast before the test, they should breathes into a bag and then they drinks a specified amount of milk sugar as a syrup. In adults, it corresponds to the amount of milk sugar in a quart of milk. Succeeding the breath samples that are taken for up to the 3 hours. The breath that they exhale into the bag that is examined to determine its hydrogen content. During the course of the test that who have lactose intolerant they will increase the amount of hydrogen which they exhale. Patients that who are having lactose they may develop their typical symptoms during their test.

In younger or children that who cannot tolerate removal of lactose from the diet, the breath test and possible supplementation that can be done for 2-4 weeks.



The best treatment is a combination of dietary modification and by taking a supplement to aid in digestion of lactose. People who meet with a dietician to review the sources of lactose in their diet they have some reduction in their daily lactose consumption which is usually required. Each person is going to be eating a food that contains lactose they should have to take a commercially which is available non-prescription supplement at the time of ingestion.

This type of supplement can be taken throughout the day whenever it is ingested. Some of them will have the less and therefore it will be able to tolerate the comparatively larger amounts of lactose. Alternatives to milk for that persons can include the products like soy milk where if an individual is restricting their milk intake that is important to ensure the adequate supplementation of calcium and Vitamin D in their diet where it is especially important for the pediatric patients and women.

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