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Get Soft Feet and Palms with Smart Home Remedies

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Feet and palms are going to change rough and dull on account of the heavy strain on the feet. Many are experiencing with this problems in these days. According to famous proverb in Victorian times, ‘feet and hands are considered the true mark of a lady’. Earlier, ladies regularly used gloves and therefore their palms were smooth. Now-a-days we are all working with our hands. Our hands experiences with hard water, rough surfaces and dust utmost number of times. That’s why it seems like dull and rough. Get soft feet and palms with smart home remedies at your home.
Some smart home remedies

Soak Feet in Warm Water:

With the help of lukewarm water, you can soften your skin. First, fill a bucket with lukewarm water. Soak your legs in the water. Allow it to be free for ten minutes. Now, clean your feet and palms with soft cloth. After soaking, scrub feet and palms with a lemon slice. After scrub, clean feet with warm water. Now it seems like smooth and shiny. Now apply oil over the feet and palms. This gives smooth and moisturized to the feet.

Get Soft Feet and Palms
Get Soft Feet and Palms

Sugar Scrub and Olive Oil:

Combine one tbsp. of sugar in two tbsp. of olive oil. Now apply this on your feet and palms. Just relax for a few minutes. You can get smooth textured skin with this method.

Cocoa Butter Cream:

Mix two tbsp. of Cocoa Butter in one tbsp. of water in a bowl. Stir thoroughly until it becomes a cream. Now spread cream on palms and feet. Sit back for few minutes. You can get incredible smooth palms with this regimen.

Baby Powder with Salt:

Combine some amount of baby powder in a bowl. Pour some bath salt on it. Add some drops of mild hand wash shop. Leave it for few minutes. Then wash your hands with warm water. Now palms will feel smooth like a little child.

Coconut Oil:

It is very best to heal dry skin and available to everyone easily. Spread coconut oil on your feet and palms. Allow it to be free for fifteen minutes. Rinse off the feet with natural bath salt. Now your skin feels very smooth.

Curd with Vinegar:

Blend half spoon of vinegar in three spoons of curd in a bowl. Then apply the paste on your feet and palms for fifteen minutes. And then wait for the magic moments of getting smooth feet.

Get Soft Feet and Palms Curd with Vinegar
Get Soft Feet and Palms Curd with Vinegar

Wear gloves and using sunscreen is a better idea to get softening palms and feet. You can easily take good care of your rough palms and get young and vibrant appearing hands to improve your beauty, with the above home remedies.

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