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Health And Beauty Benefits Of Lemon and It’s Juice

Health And Beauty Benefits Of Lemon and It’s Juice

Which is the most inexpensive drink that can be prepared at home in just a few minutes, requires little ingredients and is very easy to prepare???
Still guessing or an answer has clicked your minds.

Benefits Of Lemon Juice
Benefits Of Lemon Juice

Well! Its Lemon Water

Lemon water is a detoxifying, refreshing drink that has been chugged by humansfor ages.
Lemon is a citrus fruit. Because of its intense sourness, it cannot be eaten as a stand-alone fruit,but it is used in small quantities along with the spices or herbs in cooking. It addsdynamic and wonderfulflavour to drinks, sauces, curries, salads, desert and marinades.

The use of lemon is not limited to enhance the taste of foods. It also possesses medicinal properties and is a commonly used ingredient of most of homemade as well as commercially sold beauty products. Lemon is known to keep the disease at bay, boost the immune system, protect DNA cell and relieve inflammation.

Let’s sneak into the health benefits of lemon

Health Benefits Of Lemon Water

1.Shoots up the Level of Vitamin C-

Our body cannot synthesize vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It fights free radical damage, boosts body immunity and is essential for the synthesis of collagen. Citrus fruits, sprouts and green leafy vegetables are rich sources of vitamin C. Always drink fresh lemon juice instead of the flavored once sold in the market.

Shoots up the level of vitamin C
Shoots up the level of vitamin C

2.Assist Weight Loss-

Want to shed extra pounds. Add two tablespoon of lemon to a glass of warm water. Also, add honey to taste and drink this empty concoction stomach or half an hour before the meals. It flushes out body toxins and keeps you hydrated. It makes water more palatable. It is an easy way to feel fuller and prevent yourself from eating more. Consume lemon water in place of soft drinks, energy drinks and sweetened beverages.

3.Beat Heat Exhaustion in Summers-

Lemon water is a superb summer drink. Unbearable hot waves during summers make our body to lose water quickly. Lemon water rejuvenatesyour body immediately. Better carry a bottle of lemon water with you wherever you go in summers.

4.Promotes Healing-

As discussed above vitamin C is required for collagen synthesis. Lemon water is rich in vitamin C and it fastens the healing process by boosting collagen synthesis. If you are suffering from bodily injury drink lemon water.

5.Boosts Body Immunity-

Lemon water is rich in vitamin C and citric acid. It boosts body immunity and keeps infections at bay.

Boosts body immunity
Boosts body immunity

6.Aids Digestion-

Lemon acts as a laxativeandprevents constipation. This is why it is recommended to drink warm lemon water every morning empty stomach. Lemon water jump starts your digestive system, prevents the buildup of toxins and promotes the digestion of food.

7.Prevents Kidney Stones-

Citric acid present in lemon prevents the deposition of calcium and kidney stones.

8.Freshens Breath and Removes Bad Odors-

Lemon can remove the powerful stench. It neutralizes the odour. Drink lemon water or rinse your mouth with it to freshen your breath.

Beauty Benefits Of Lemon

1. Fights Acne-

Acne is no less than a nightmare,especially for teenagers. But lemons can help you get rid of acne forever. It is anti-bacterial and removes extra oil. But do not use lemon juice alone on your face or it may cause your skin to dry. Add a few drops of lemon to a half teaspoon rose water and apply to acne with the help cotton.

Fights Acne
Fights Acne

2. Eliminates Dark Circles-

Insufficient sleep and spending lots of time in front of the laptopand mobilescreenleads to dark circles. Do not worry as lemon can solve your problem. Mix a few drops of lemon juice with a half teaspoon of milk and rub around your eyes. Do this everydaybefore sleeping,and the skin around your eyes will be lightened.

3. Bid Bye to the Itchy Scalp-

Itchy scalp is a result of dry scalp and dandruff. It leads to hair fall. But lemon can help you to say bye to an itchy scalp. Lemon juice balances the skin pH. Rub lemon juice on your scalp. Leave it for half an hour then rinse it off.

4. Lemon is Anti-Dandruff-

Dandruff is a common scalp issue that leads to hair fall. Add a few drops of lemon juice toes same oil or coconut oil and massage your scalp with it. After half an hour take shower. In 3-4 weeks you will get rid of dandruff.

Lemon is anti-dandruff
Lemon is anti-dandruff

5. Anti-Ageing-

To get rid of wrinklesand fine lines add lemon juice to egg white. Mix well and apply this anti-ageing mask on your face and neck. You may also add a few drops of almond oil to it. After 20 minutes rinse it off.

Lemon is a small citrus fruit found in almost everyone’s kitchen. It’s a nature’s boon but always use its juice in moderation and after diluting as it is highly acidic.

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