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Health & Beauty Benefits Of Cucumber You Should Acknowledge

Benefits Of Cucumber

90 percent of our body is made up of water so water is essential for us. For the healthy functioning of our body, we need to consume plenty of water and foods that are rich in water content. One of such superfood is a cucumber. Besides being rich in water content and fiber cucumber is also packed with vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid magnesium, silica, potassium, amino acids, sodium, molybdenum, carbohydrates, and biotin. It also contains caffeic acids and ascorbic acid that prevents the loss of water. Cucumber has both health and beauty benefits. Below are 10 reasons to include cucumber in your diet and beauty regime.

Health & Beauty Benefits of Cucumber
Health & Beauty Benefits of Cucumber

Health Benefits Of Cucumber

1.Cucumber Hydrates the Body

Rich in water cucumber satisfies the thirst. It lowers the body temperature and provides a cooling effect. Also, the nutrients present in cucumber replenishes the nutrients lost during dehydration. You can also drink cucumber water during hot summers to keep yourself hydrated.

2.Cucumber Prevents Constipation

Being rich in insoluble fiber and water content cucumber adds bulk to stool and prevents constipation.

Cucumber Prevents Constipation
Cucumber Prevents Constipation

3.Cucumber Cleanses our Body

Cucumbers are natural body cleansers. They remove the harmful toxins from the body. It is a potent diuretic that cleans our kidney and eases pressure on kidneys. It also prevents the formation of kidney stones.

4.Cucumber Prevents Cancer

Cucumber contains lignans that lower the risk of uterine, ovarian, breast and prostate cancer. Cucurbitacins are phytonutrient present in cucumber that also has anti-cancer properties.

5.Cucumber Removes Bad Breath

Ayurveda says that excess of stomach heat is one of the leading causes of bad breath Cucumber is rich in water also it cools down the body and freshens your breath.

6.Cucumber Controls Blood Pressure

Cucumber is rich in potassium, magnesium, and fiber. High level of potassium keeps the blood pressure under control.

7.Cucumber Manages Diabetes

Since ages, diabetic patients are advised to eat cucumber. Cucumber contains hormones that are required by the beta cells to produce insulin. Cucumber itself is 0 in the glycemic index. The carbohydrates that are present in cucumber are easily digested and do not like the level of blood sugar.

8.Cucumber Relives Stress

Being rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B7 and vitamin B5 cucumber ease anxiety and buffers the damage caused due to stress.

9.Cucumber Promotes Weight Loss

The soluble fiber present in cucumber absorbs water and giver a feeling of fullness. You do not feel hungry and eat less. Cucumber aids digestion and also flushes out body toxins.

Health Benefits of Cucumber
Health Benefits of Cucumber

10.Cucumber Protects Brain

Flavanol present in cucumber is anti-inflammatory and plays an important role in brain health. It improves memory and also protects the nerve cells from the age-related degeneration process.

11.Cucumber for Skin Benefits

Cucumber is rich in skin nourishing nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and silicon It rejuvenates the skin and keeps it hydrated and cool. It is anti-inflammatory. It controls the puffiness of eyes. wrinkles, blemishes and dark circles. Also, it heals sunburn. Grate cucumber and make a face pack. Be regular with its application to get a glowing face. Likewise add cucumber to your daily diet.

Cucumber for Skin Benefits
Cucumber for Skin Benefits

Cucumber is beneficial for all over health. You can eat it fresh as salad or pickled. Cucumber is one of the vegetables that are available throughout the year. While buying cucumber make sure it is from and bright medium to dark green in color. Better avoid puffy and yellow ones with wrinkled top or water soaked areas. Store cucumbers in the refrigerator to retain its freshness for a longer period of time. It is better to consume this water-rich vegetable in 1-2 days after buying them.

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