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Hibiscus Remedies for Curb Hair Loss

Hibiscus Remedies for Hair Care :

Most of the people experience hair loss problems today. Reasons are many but need to solve the problem immediately otherwise it affects the hair badly. Do you hear about hibiscus or shoe flower? According to Hindus, shoe flower is Lord Ganesh’s favourite flower. Moreover, hibiscus is known for its unique medicinal properties. A chemical composition of phosphorous calcium, riboflavin, and vitamin C are present in the flowers. And little amount of carotene is present in its leaves. With all this background, hibiscus has unpredictable medicinal properties. By having these it nourish the hair, prevent premature greying and also it is extremely useful in preventing hair loss and improves hair growth.

Amazing Tips to Make Hair Packs to Control Hair Fall
Amazing Tips to Make Hair Packs to Control Hair Fall

Hibiscus Benefits:

  • With the help of hibiscus leaves and petals, you can make an effective-age old remedy to manage your hair fall.
  • Hibiscus has the ability to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp which inculcates the required nutrients to the follies. Then it quickens the hair growth process.
  • Calcium and vitamin C in hibiscus aids bolster the roots.
Hibiscus Benefits
Hibiscus Benefits

Hair Packs to Control Hair Fall:

Here are some hibiscus remedies, which controls your hail fall.

Hibiscus Leaves and Amla:


  • Hibiscus leaves
  • Amla power


  • Take some hibiscus leaves and crush them.
  • Add amla power and little amount of water to the crushed leaves.
  • Mix them well for a paste.
  • Spread it on the scalp and deeply into the roots.
  • Wash hair and let it dry.
  • With the help of the remedy, you can manage hair fall then the hair growth will increase automatically.

Hibiscus and Coconut Oil Paste:


  • Hibiscus leaves
  • Sesame oil or coconut oil


  • Take some crushed hibiscus leaves and mix it with little amount of sesame oil or coconut oil.
  • Mix the all ingredients well to form a paste.
  • Apply it on the hair and scalp and allow it to be for a few hours.
  • You can use cold water and a mild shampoo to wash the hair.
  • This remedy helps to control the hair fall and increase the growth of the hair.
Hibiscus and Coconut oil Paste
Hibiscus and Coconut oil Paste

Hibiscus with Olive Oil:


  • Hibiscus flowers and leaves
  • Some olive oil
  • Water


  • Hibiscus shampoo can cures your hair fall problems.
  • You can make the shampoo at your home only without high efforts.
  • Take some hibiscus flowers and leaves and crush them.
  • Add some olive oil and water to them.
  • Make a paste and keep it in normal temperature.
  • Apply the shampoo thoroughly over the head and leave it for fifteen minutes.
  • With the help of lukewarm water wash your hair.
  • This method works well to control hair fall.

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