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Home Remedies for Knee Pain | Natural Remedies to Treat Knee Pain

Home Remedies for Knee Pain

The knee is that part of our body which bears our body weight and is constantly under strain. Knee pain is one of the most common medical complaints, and sadly it can be experienced by every age group. Pain suppressants can only suppress the pain for some time, and the pain is back once the effect is over. Excruciating and continual pain can be frustrating and can hamper your routine easily. Following are certain Naturopathic home remedies that are 100% natural and can be tried easily.

Home Remedies for Knee Pain
Home Remedies for Knee Pain

Ice Therapy for for Knee Pain

Ice therapy or cold compress help in reducing inflammation. It helps in lowering the temperature of the affected area, constricts the blood vessels, which helps in reducing the metabolic rate of the injured tissue. This external pressure helps in preventing inflammation. This therapy is especially recommended when pain is due to a sprain, pulled ligament and pulled muscles.

Ice Therapy for for Knee Pain
Ice Therapy for for Knee Pain

You can wrap few ice cubes in a towel. Apply the cold compress for 10 – 15 minutes on the affected area. This can be repeated for 2 – 3 times every day until you have relief.

Cayenne Pepper to Treat Knee Pain

Cayenne pepper is blessed with a compound known as capsaicin, it possesses natural analgesic properties.
You can make a paste by mixing 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper in a ½ cup of warm olive oil, apply this on the affected area and let it rest for 10 – 15 minutes. Repeat this for a week; it will help in alleviating pain and inflammation.

Ginger to Treat Knee Pain

Make ginger tea, by boiling a small piece of freshly grated ginger in one cup of water, strain this and drink this with some honey and lemon juice. You can consume 2 -3 cups of ginger tea. It not only acts as an anti-inflammatory but also removes accumulated toxins from the body.

Ginger to Treat Knee Pain

Turmeric to Treat Knee Pain

Turmeric is commonly used spice in Indian Kitchens; it is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Chemical called curcumin present in turmeric is an excellent antioxidant which alleviates pain and also prevents the progress of arthritis.

Turmeric to Treat Knee Pain

Simply add a teaspoon of dry, powdered turmeric in a glass of water, boil this for 4 – 5 minutes, add some honey for taste and drink this 2 – 3 times daily for maximum benefits.
Alternatively, you can also drink a cup of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder.Fresh turmeric available in winter season can also be used.

Mustard Oil to Treat Knee Pain

Practitioners of naturopathy believe that a gentle massage with warm mustard oil is beneficial for knee pain; it helps in increasing blood flow to the affected area and also reduces inflammation and stiffness. Massage with mustard oil has a long history; it releases muscular tension and improves skin texture too.
You can also add a teaspoon of turmeric in the oil to increase its affectivity.

Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Knee Pain

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent anti-oxidant agent; it has alkalizing properties which helps in getting rid of the harmful toxins and mineral buildups.
Mix 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in one cup of lukewarm water; drink this twice a day, until you see signs of recovery.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Knee Pain

You can also mix 1-2 cups of apple cider vinegar in a bucket/bathtub of hot water, soak the affected area for 10- 15 minutes, this helps in relieving pain immediately.

Note: over soaking in warm water is not recommended for diabetic patients.

Apple cider vinegar can also be mixed with olive oil in equal proportion, apply this on your knee and massage the affected area. This will help in restoring the blood flow and relieves pain.

Epsom Salt to Treat Knee Pain

Magnesium sulfate present in Epsom salt is highly effective in relieving pain; it naturally relaxes muscles and reduces inflammation.
You can add ½ cup of Epsom salt in a tub filled with hot water, soak your knee for 10 – 15 minutes, this will help in alleviating the pain and discomfort.

Note: It is not recommended to use Epsom salt if you are suffering from diabetes because soaking the feet can increase the dryness of feet and cracks can worsen due to prolonged soaking leading to entry of germs and infection.

Fenugreek Seeds to Treat Knee Pain

You can soak 1 – 2 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Drain the water (alternatively, you can also drink this water) and munch on the leftover seeds. Make this a daily habit for maximum benefits.

Eucalyptus Oil to Treat Knee Pain

Eucalyptus oil is often used for massaging the affected area; it helps in improving the blood circulation. Therefore it nourishes and strengthens the muscles.

Eucalyptus Oil to Treat Knee Pain
Eucalyptus Oil to Treat Knee Pain

Your lifestyle choices affect your health and that includes your joints too. Therefore in order to lead a painless life, maintain healthy body weight, exercise regularly, stick to healthy, and a low-fat diet, have a good amount of vitamin C and avoid stress.

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