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Home Remedies For Sleep Apnea

Apnea means without breath. Sleep apnea means not breathing while you are sleeping.

What Is Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder where a person’s breath pauses briefly while sleeping. This can last for a few seconds to a few minutes and may occur more than 30 times in an hour. In most of the cases with a choking sound or loud snort, normal breathing resumes. If you suffer from impaired breathing our brain recognizes it in a short while and you wake up so that the airways are opened,and you can breathe again. However,awakening is so brief that you do not even recognize it.

What Is Sleep Apnea
What Is Sleep Apnea

What Are The Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

Men are twice more at the risk of sleep apnea. Symptoms of sleep apnea include loud snores.The individual feels that his throat is sore or dry and wake up the next morning with a headache. Frequently waking up to pass urine, memory loss, bad mood, and feeling sleepy or tired are some more symptom of sleep apnea.

What Are The Causes Of Sleep Apnea

The causes of sleep apnea are sleeping on back, inherited narrowed airways, excess weight, family history of sleep apnea and smoking.

What Are The Home Remedies For Sleep apnea

1. Tongue exercise For Sleep Apnea-

Tongue exercise is also known as functional therapy. This therapy is all about breathing, chewing and swallowing for about 30 minutes a day. This is a very useful exercise. Do it for a week,and you will find relief.

Tongue exercise For Sleep Apnea
Tongue exercise For Sleep Apnea

2. Blow A Baloon To Treat Sleep Apnea-

Make a deep breath and blow a balloon. Support balloon with your fingers. This exercise will prevent throat from relaxing and nose can take the air properly. Thus, you can have a restful sleep.

3. Say open Vowels For Sleep Apnea-

Inhale and say open vowels. Do this for 3 minutes every day. Pronounce these words such as bee, tree, shout or fly. To pronounce these words, you have to open your mouth,and no contact is made with palate, teeth and tongue.

4. Soft Palate Exercise Of Saying Oral Vowels-

Pronounce oral vowels such as kale, automobile, keel, kill, cool and coal for 3 minutes daily.

5. Playing A Wind Instrument-

Playing a wind instrument such as didgeridoo reduces breathing issues and lowers sleep apnea. It trains the muscles of the airway, prevent them from blocking during the night and thus it is an unconventional way to treat sleep apnea.

6. Avoid Tea And Coffee Before sleeping To Manage Sleep Apnea-

Teaand coffee are stimulants. Avoid having tea or coffee 4-6 hours before sleeping. Also, avoid eating heavy meals in the evening.

7. Avoid Alcohol To Manage Sleep Apnea-

Alcohol relaxes your nervous system. When a person drinks too much alcohol, the muscle of throat relaxes which causes central sleep apnea. It is a condition where brain forgets to send your lung signal to breathe. This condition may last for a few seconds, but yes, your sleep is disturbed.

Avoid Alcohol To Manage Sleep Apnea
Avoid Alcohol To Manage Sleep Apnea

8. Sleep On your Sides To Manage Sleep Apnea-

Avoid sleeping on your back. It is always recommended to sleep on sides. Use tennis ball strategy to encourage you to sleep on sides. Rest a tennis ball between your back and the inner side of your t-shirt. Whenever you unknowingly sleep on back it will cause discomfort,and you will be persuaded to sleep on your sides.

In this competitive world, it is essential to stay active during the daytime. And to stay active during the daytime, it is essential to have a sound sleep the night before. Try the above natural ways and treat sleep apnea.

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