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How To Fight Your Phobias

Most people have in them an irrational fear which takes a toll on them and their lifestyle. It could be the fear of a thing as tiny as a needle or a spider but facing it could develop overwhelming terror in them.

It is these kind of intense fears , that are not normal, that is called phobias. Even if there is very little or risk involved at all, it may terrify you to a great extent and hence you may try every possible way to avoid it. A phobia usually develops in childhood but may also haunt adults. For instance , being claustrophobic might get you to avoid a closed area like that of a lift and make you take stairs to even the 30th floor. Common phobias include that of closed places, heights, water, insects, snakes, needles and shots, of flying, of public places etc.

You know what makes you irrationally scared and hence you might also realise that it does not possess much danger and it is not necessary that you remain scared of it for whole of your life. Won’t it be great to overcome these phobias and live normal? You could face it all just like any other person, without busting your heart or nerves. Here are few ways for you to try so that you can overcome your phobia.

1.Face your Fear.

It does sound the toughest thing to do because facing your phobia is what terrifies you. You might be trying everything to avoid it or the situation but if you wish to conquer your fear, face it. Gradually and repeatedly facing your fears will let you to realise that your fears don’t possess as much as risk as you think. It will give you the confidence to cope with your fears when you know that it is not as frightening and overwhelming as you thought. Therefore, you will slowly overcome your fear.

Face your Fear
Face your Fear

Start by taking tiny steps closer to your object of fear. If a closed-in space suffocates you , try spending short spans in closed areas with a person you rely on. Gradually expand the time span until you see yourself getting comfortable.

2.Challenge your thoughts

When your phobias disturb you, you mind is full of negative thoughts. You anticipate the flight to crash, the lift to break down, the spider to bite and poison you. Your mind plans it all before-hand, making you afraid. Therefore when your mind clogs with such negative thoughts, use your logic and ask yourself if it is really going to hurt. Tell yourself that every day over thousands of people take flights, not all of them are in trouble, the lift hardly has any chance of breaking down and it won’t suffocate to be in there for a few minutes, not all spiders are dangerous and you are big enough to tackle a small spider. When your mind tries to think negative, fight it with more positive logic. Tell yourself it won’t hurt you.

Challenge your thoughts
Challenge your thoughts

3.Stay Relaxed

All of you who have a phobia are aware of the nerve wrecking feeling you have to go through when you are exposed to your fears. Your heart pumps faster, you start to sweat and hyperventilate, you are left shaking and terrified. Some might even lose consciousness. This is because you panic when you are exposed to your fear. You need to overcome this panic in order to relax yourself.

Try to stay relaxed by diverting your mind to something else that would keep your mind and body more engaged. You could also try breathing exercises to let yourself relax throughout the process.

4.Try it out

Keep a routine of trying your fear bit by bit. Rather than letting the fear engulf you, try to make a difference bit by bit. Make it a practice to face your phobia. Even if your feel bit of panic, make sure you are making progress. If you feel confident but are doing the exact same thing you did yesterday that does not show progress. However, if you do feel the fear and are still able to do a new thing, for example, a hydrophobic person being able to swim in a little deeper water, that would be a great sign that you are finally overcoming your phobia.

It may be difficult for you to fight your fear alone, you could take the help of a friend or a close one to support and encourage you to do so. Even though phobic people are easily embarrassed, it is necessary that people know about your phobia. Studies have found that the best way to fight your fears is to face them rather than hiding from them. Refine your response to the object or situation every time you expose yourself to it. Over time , it will be forced to leave you with your determination to stay calm and unmoved against your fears.

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