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How to lead a Long and Healthy Life

Long and Healthy Life:

Life is a precious gift given by god and one must live life to the fullest. And to do so, it is necessary to lead a long and healthy life. Everyone is busy in their own work, especially grownups, because they have some responsibilities to fulfill.

Long and Healthy Life
Long and Healthy Life

So go through this article to know how to lead a healthy and happy life.

Behave like a child: This might sound crazy, but it is true. Sometimes you have to behave like child and it doesn’t mean playing with toys or crying for a chocolate. It is all about rediscovering you and finding child like sense that we miss once we grow up. Spend some quality time with kids; try drawing pictures or watch cartoon channels. All these things will keep you relaxed and makes you feel happy.

Water: You might be wondering how come water makes us feel happy. Isn’t it? About two –third of our body is made up of water. It keeps you hydrated and makes you feel energetic, as insufficient amounts of water leads to dehydration. It carries nutrients to all parts of body.

Walking: Walking burn calories and helps in maintaining fitness levels. It is said to enhance mood, reduce chronic diseases, etc. Moreover it improves blood circulation.


Always be positive and stay away from things or a place, which makes you feel down. Life is much beyond what all we think and ask. So never ever let yourself down. Spending quality time with family, friends and relatives will keep you happy. A good diet is also important; consume fresh vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. They improve your overall health by supplying all the required nutrients to the body.

Listen to your body: Sometimes we do things which are beyond your body limits and finally end up in exhaustion and tiredness by the end of the day. The impact of the hectic day effects our present day, especially if you don’t have enough sleep. So, listen to your body and stop working when tired, drink water when your body feels thirsty, eat enough food when you are hungry, relax when the neck start aching, etc. Literally, taking care of your body which will keeps you healthy for the entire life.
Cut down oil foods, sugary foods and high cholesterol containing foods. Eat small meals in a day, i.e., have 5 to 6 meals a day instead of having at it in 2 or 3 times. Try to eat organic foods.

Spirituality: Focusing on spirituality will take you to an all new level of happiness. It helps an individual in finding real happiness and satisfaction. The main aim of spirituality is to find inner happiness. In simple terms, it is just leading a simple life, which keeps you happy by curbing outside desires. Additionally, practice yoga and meditation to calm you. Set a goal and focus on the goal; and try to find different ways to fulfill the goal. Goal setting keeps all distractions at bay, so that it avoids unnecessary problems.


Following these simple and possible tips will definitely help you in leading a life without having many worries.

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