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How To Make Waxing Less Painful

How To Make Waxing Less Painful

Life of a female is not easy. There is menstrual cramps she has to experience every month,and then there is the pain of waxing.

How To Make Waxing Less Painful
How To Make Waxing Less Painful

Well, no female is okay with a hairy torso and to get rid of it you have to undergo waxing. But do you know through a few tricks you can make waxing a less painful experience

Tips To Make Waxing A Less Painful Process

1.Avoid Waxing if you are on periods-

While you are on periods, your skin becomes extra sensitive, so it is advised to avoid waxing when you are periods.

Avoid Waxing if you are on periods
Avoid Waxing if you are on periods

2.Try waxing after having bath-

After a warm water bath,the hairs soften. The skin pores open up,and waxing turns up less painful.

3.Start with small-

While waxing your legs start with the ankle. If you are waxing your arms,startwith an areanot more than a size of a large watch. If you put wax on the entire arm or leg at once, the wax gets dry and hard, andwill not remove the hair from its root.

Start with small
Start with small

4.Before waxing private areas better let the wax cool down a little bit-

Getting the private areas waxed is most painful. To lessen the pain let the wax cool down a little bit. Remember what you sense warm on your hands feels hot down there. And the application of hot can take away the skin off.

5.Distract yourself-

Fall into conversation with your beautician or if you are athome, you may watch TV. This will distract you,and you will focus less on the pain.

6.Wear loose cloth-

Wearing too tight clothes may irritate your skin, and waxing the irritated skin is painful. So before and after waxing wear clean and loose fitted clothes.

Wear loose cloth
Wear loose cloth

7.Take short breaths-

Taking quick and short breaths while getting waxed helps to manage pain. You may look stupid while doing this but it works.

8.Hold your skin tight-

Tighten your skin while getting waxed especially while getting Brazilian. Lay down and pull the taut skin opposite to the direction and use another hand to remove the wax. Use both the hands, and you will feel less pain. Also while getting waxed in the saloon hold skin taut with your hands.

9.Avoid sun and scented lotion after getting waxed-

Sun, tanning bed or body lotion rich in alpha hydroxyacid causes the skin to irritate and burn. So better avoid them for atleast 24 hours.

10.Pull opposite-

Pull the waxing strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This will minimize the pain.

Pull opposite
Pull opposite

11.Exfoliate the skin-

A night before waxing scrub and exfoliate the dead skin cells. This will exfoliate the hair follicles and will reduce the pain.

12.Do not shave off after you have jumped on the waxing train-

Shaving makes your hair makes grow denser.Shaving disturbs the hair growth. The next time if you will go for waxing it will be more painful.

13.Let hair grow out a little bit-

Waxing prickly and small hair can be painful. So let your hair grow a little.

14.Avoid waxing tattered or bruised skin-

Waxing bruised,or sunburned skinirritates. Better avoid this.

15.A bit of numbing may help-

If you have sensitiveskin,and waxing is a nightmare for you, you may try numbing creams to anesthetise your skin. Numbing skin will reduce the pain.

So next time try the above tips before or while getting waxed. But also remember never wax nose hair, eyebrows and other sensitive body areas

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