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How to Prevent Vaginal Infection and 6 Tips to Avoid Vaginal Infection

How to Prevent Vaginal Infection and Tips

A vaginal infection is an uncomfortable feminine issue that you every woman wants to avoid.
When there is changed in vaginal pH, the flora balance gets disturbs, and fungi, bacteria and virus receives a perfect environment to grow. As vagina is moist and warm, it provides the perfect environment for the memories to grow and reproduce. Increase in the number of bacteria, fungi or virus causes uncomfortable symptoms such as burning, itch, irritation and foul discharge from the vagina.

How to Prevent Vaginal Infection and Tips
How to Prevent Vaginal Infection and Tips

Vaginal infection is mostly contracted due to poor hygiene of intimate area and during unprotected sexual intercourse. Other causes are stress, use of public toilets. Use of harsh chemical soaps to clean close area and IUD.
Almost every woman suffers from vaginal infection at least once in their lifetime. The good part just by following few preventative steps you can prevent by developing a vaginal infection. Here in this article, we are sharing nine essential tips with you to keep your vagina healthy.

Six Tips to Avoid Vaginal Infection

Proper hygiene-

Practicing proper hygiene is the key to keep your vagina healthy. Intimate areas of the female body is susceptible. You need to keep it clean. By you also need to know the right way to treat it. Never douche. Avoid using harsh chemical soaps as it disturbed the natural vaginal flora. Use lactic acid intimate wash. Always since vagina with warm water. After passing bowel clean front to back. Keep changing a sanitary pad during menstruation after every 6 hours. Avoid using tampons.

Proper hygiene
Proper hygiene

Learn about STD-

STD or sexually transmitted diseases are infections that are transmitted from male to female or vice vera after sexual intercourse. It is one of the essential causes of disorders that affect the intimacy of the female. Educate yourself about STD their symptoms, how they spread and how to prevent. The best way to avoid STD is to use condoms.

Always wear cotton underclothes-

Don’t go with attractive and colourful undergarments. Pay attention to the material. Your undergarments should be made of material that can breathe, that does not trap moisture and do not cause you to sweat. Moisture traps and harbours microbes. Choose cotton undergarments.

Always wear cotton underclothes
Always wear cotton underclothes

Take medicines only when directed by the physician-

Certain medicines such as antibiotics may weaken the natural bacterial flora of vagina resulting vaginal infections. So better avoid unnecessary intake of excessive chemicals as they low to lower the body defence mechanism.

Increase intake of vitamin C-

You need to boost your immune system. When your immune system will be strengthened your body’s ability to kill pathogens will increase. Vitamin C improves your body immunity. Foods rich in vitamin C are citrus fruits, sprouts, green leafy vegetables and broccoli.

Increase intake of vitamin C
Increase intake of vitamin C

Change your clothes after exercising-

This is very important. If you won’t changes your clothes after exercise, then sweat will be absorbed by the cloth and will provide a suitable environment for the microbes to grow.

Besides following the above tips to prevent vaginal infection take the adequately balanced diet. Drink lots of water and practice stress-busting exercises. Also see your gynaecologist regularly.

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