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How To Stay Positive

Do you feel a situation you face, weighing heavy on you? You may be feeling vulnerable to those negative thoughts haunting your mind, snatching away sleep from your eyes and making you deprived of any peace of mind. Even if your condition hasn’t reached such a height you still need to feel positive for that is a key ingredient to staying happy and healthy.

Stay Positive
Stay Positive

One’s thoughts have a great share in contributing to their well-being. It decides their outlook towards life, their daily habits and their physical and mental wellness. If you are not able to keep it positive inside your mind, here are few guidelines to help eliminate those haunting thoughts and be happy again.

1.Assessing Your Mind

You may feel tired your life is going ahead. You may feel low and defeated but understand that these are just the negative thoughts your mind had knitted. Give it a thought- are you really losing the battle of life? Or have you just made it up? Is there nothing you could do about it? When you assess your negative thoughts , you will realise that it is partially build up by a mind that had accepted defeat too soon.

2.Try Being Optimistic

It is best if you can find a positive thing about your situation, find a silver lining to it. Being pessimistic puts your life in risk. However do not force yourself into being optimism. Give yourself enough time to cut loose from the emotional turmoil you experience. Think through the situation, understand why it bothers you before you try the card of optimism.

To boost your optimism you could try few exercises like writing down about a positive future. Set aside some time daily for doing this but ensure you are not doing it hastily. Do it with a clear and calm mind, when you don’t have rush through to do other chores. Or you could try sitting down to imagine positive outcomes of the situation you face. This helps recharge your spirits.

3.Find a Silver Lining, even in the Most Darkest Nights

If you feel a situation is weighing heavy on you, try to find one good thing it has brought up on you. See if has made you more stronger, if has made you more cose to your loved ones, if it has brought out the best in you. This will definitely let you feel more positive about the problem.

Silver Lining, even in the Most Darkest Nights
Silver Lining, even in the Most Darkest Nights

4.Speak up or Let go

Another way is to let it go. Just let the thoughts that bother leave your mind. And if you are not able to do that speak to someone you consider trustworthy or reliable. A good listener can always help you get hold off your mind. You can speak your heart out to them and feel so relieved. If you cannot do it with anyone you know seek the help of a psychologist or a counsellor.

5.Avoid Thoughts Based on a Single Episode

Do not let your mind fill up with negative thoughts just based on a single issue. If you failed once do not beat yourself up thinking that will be the issue always. Tell yourself that it will get better, that this shall pass soon and you may not even remember it.

6.Stay Away from the Negatives

Negative thoughts are born when your mind is close to negativity. Hence stay away from people and situations that make you feel low. You may also try staying away from the newspapers or news channels. Stay away from anything that disturbs your mind.

7.React Responsibly

People may try to bother you with questions and comments but don’t let yourself be bothered. You can either ignore these thinking that they don’t make a difference in your life or you can just let it out. Take a moment to think about how you wish to react to it and if you think it would be appropriate move ahead. Just let it all out so that there’s nothing to regret about later.

8.Show Gratitude

Show gratitude for what you have and remind yourself of the good things in your life. Recount them in a journal or simply in your thoughts. Spending time in nature is also a great way to understand and appreciate things. Enjoy the breeze, feel it , smell a flower, adore it. Just let nature seep in. It will never let you down when you are in search of positivity and peace.

Show Gratitude
Show Gratitude

9.Take Life Slowly

You do not need to rush through anything, if it can’t wait for you, let it pass. Whenever a situation pressurises you, give yourself a minute, take a deep breath and clear your mind. Take things slowly, at a pace your mind can manage.

10.Own a Healthy Llife

Practice proper eating and sleeping habits. All exercise well to stay fit. Imbalanced diet and sleep will only make you feel miserable, therefore avoid it and stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Staying positive is easy if you try and make it possible. Create a positive ambience for yourself. Mingle with people you love, help a person be happy, share and care, it all helps create a positive aura around you. Do not let your mind be taken by any disturbing thoughts. Just say ‘NO’ to it. Nothing lasts forever, neither good nor bad. So let the bad things be because it won’t stay forever and enjoy every little good thing before it’s gone.

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