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Important Things To Be Done During Pregnancy

Pregnancy: Pregnancy is one of the most crucial phases of women’s life. They cherish every moment of being pregnant and also make their family members feel happy. They must take utmost care of their health during pregnancy to deliver a healthy baby.

So, here are a few things which every pregnant woman must follow.

During Pregnancy
During Pregnancy

  • It is necessary that every woman should take vitamin supplements for giving a birth to healthy baby. Folic acid tablet is one of the basic tablets that one should consume when they are pregnant. It keeps neural defects of the baby at bay. So, take folic acid tablets from the time you become pregnant. It is said that 0.4 mg of folic acid is required daily.
  • Consult a doctor when you think that you are pregnant and never take self medication. The first and foremost thing to do is consulting a doctor. Follow doctor’s advices and visit him regularly for checkups. Never ever neglect doctor prescriptions.
  • You have to take a healthy diet – include fruits, vegetables, pulses, dry fruits, etc. in the diet. Healthy diet supplies all the required nutrients to the baby.
  • Get yourself involved in exercise. Do low impact exercises – walking, practicing yoga, etc. Avoid lifting heavy weight. If you feel uncomfortable, then quit exercising.
  • You tend to put on weight and the results are just visible, because you see bigger breasts, appearance of stretch marks, weight around your tummy, etc. You will have a new experience and just enjoy the motherhood changes. Having a healthy weight is also necessary and approximately 45 grams per weight is added every week from fourth month onwards.
  • Pregnancy leads to bleeding of gums, pain and other gum related disease. Any negligence shown towards your tooth and gums may cause severe dental infections. Don’t step back from visiting a dental doctor, because oral care is very important irrespective of anything.
  • Have enough rest and take a break from regular heavy works. Your body demands rest during pregnancy, so have a light massage, visit parlour, etc.
Being Happy Is Also Most Important
Being Happy Is Also Most Important

  • Being happy is also most important. Healthy and happy moms always deliver healthy babies. So, follow the things which you like most and make you feel happy. Just keep all your worries a side and be happy. Visit places which you like most or watch your favorite movies. Just chill out.
  • Sensible dressing matters a lot. Wear loose fitting and comfortable dresses. Always wear low heel shoes or slippers. Take special care in choosing bra, as the breast size tends to increase during pregnancy. Keep one thing in mind; wear whatever you feel comfortable, as simple as that.
  • If you smoke or drink, then avoid all those for your baby, because they will have huge impact on the baby. So quit as soon as possible. Follow these simple things and have hale and healthy baby. ‘Healthy baby means happy mother and family.’

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