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Natural Home remedies to Get rid Skin rashes

An outbreak of reddish bumps on the human body that transforms the surface of the skin is commonly known as “skin rash.” In fact, it’s mild condition. A skin rash can be the result of numerous varied problems, varying from allergies to infections. A skin rash can causes to itchy, flaky, redden ooze dry and scaly and other related skin problems.

Home remedies to Get rid Skin rashes
Home remedies to Get rid Skin rashes

The rash may be caused by:

  • Irritation
  • Illness
  • Allergic reaction to food, chemicals, plants, animals or insects
  • The skin rashes mainly caused by allergies, bacterial and fungal infection. Various other causes include dry skin, dermatitis and measles.

Some kind of rash on the skin:

  • Eczema or atopic dermatitis
  • Contact dermatitis due to irritation
  • Dermatitis due to, contact allergy
  • There are numerous Home remedies to Get rid Skin rashes, which can make you feel very comfortable.

Aloe Vera gel:

  • Rub the affected skin with a piece of Aloe Vera, which decreases the itchiness and relaxes the rash because it has cooling properties.
  • Aloe Vera has many medicinal properties, which treats various skin issues.
  • It is ideal remedy to cures the allergies, cuts and rashes.
Aloe Vera gel
Aloe Vera gel


  • Jewelweed is also known as impatiens.
  • Boil the jewelweed in a cup of water.
  • Filter the water and drink it.
  • You will feel itching reduced well.

Olive oil:

  • Apply the Olive oil on affected skin area and allow it to be for few minutes.
  • It will nourish the itchy skin.
  • It is really a good home remedy, which gives you relief from itching and soothing the skin rashes.

Oatmeal bath:

  • For this remedy, you need a bath tub.
  • Pour hot water in a bath tab.
  • Mix a cup of oatmeal to this bath tub.
  • Keep your body in the bath tub and just relax for few minutes.
  • After some time, rinse off your body.
  • To get relief form itchy and dry skin, you should use this instant remedy, which can be easily prepared.
  • You can add lavender oil to get better results.

Baking powder:

  • Apply a dab of baking power directly on the affected skin.
  • Itching will be reduced by this remedy.


  • First, prepare cucumber puree from blended and peeled fresh cucumbers.
  • Now, apply the cucumber puree on the skin rashes and retain it to be for few minutes.
  • This remedy gives you relied from itching and pain.
  • To cure itching rashes and flaky, you should use this remedy.

Chamomile tea:

  • Two parts of agrimony
  • Two parts of chamomile
  • One part of stinging nettle
  • Heart’s ease


  • Take the above mentioned ingredients in a bowl and boil with sufficient amount of water.
  • Wait for some time let it becomes cool.
  • Filer the solution and drink it.
  • Use this remedy three times in a day to faster results.
  • Get great relief from the itching and rashes by follow this remedy.

Vitamin E:

  • Break the vitamin E capsule and apply the powder on affected region directly.
  • This remedy aids you to nourish and soothe the dry and cracked skin.

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