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Natural kitchen seeds to cure the hair problems

Many of the women today face the hair problems because of so many causes. So, as usually they go to get artificial products to cure their issues. But these products very harmful to your hair that leads to health problems. Initially these are helpful, but long run these are not good for your hair. Maximum you need to avoid artificial products otherwise these will impact on your hair growth and health. There are some kitchen seeds to cure the hair problems as well as get a lot of hair benefits.

Causes to hair loss:

  • Sudden or long term disease
  • Drugs
  • Dandruff
  • Poor diet
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Anxiety
  • Hair remedies including straightening, perms, coloring, blow drying etcetera

Fenugreek seeds:
Three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds


  • Fenugreek seeds are regarded as the best home remedy seeds to cure hair issues.
  • Take three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and mix it with water.
  • Now allow it to be for ten hours.
  • After that grind them and make a fine paste.
  • Apply the paste on hair and scalp.
  • To strengthen the air and prevent the hair fall, it is a simple home remedy to follow everyone.
Fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek seeds

Sesame seeds:

  • Make a hair pack with Sesame seeds.
  • Apply the pack for every day around one month.
  • Then you will get better results.
  • Some women hair turns to grey only in younger age because of bad food habits and hormones.
  • This face pack will help to reduce colour change problems.


  • Everybody knows Neem tastes bitter.
  • It has a lot of medicinal properties.
  • It cures many of diseases directly and indirectly.
  • Take Neem seed oil and apply it on hair and scalp.
  • You can mix this oil with coconut and mustard oil.
  • Now sit back for an hour and wash your head with lukewarm water.
  • This method will help to give you lustrous and healthy hair.

Pomegranate seeds:

  • Pomegranate has juicy and delicious taste.
  • It has lot of health benefits.
  • Make a juice with Pomegranate seeds.
  • You can mix this juice with almond oil or jojoba oil for better results.
  • Then apply the juice on hair and scalp deeply.
  • This pack aid to retain your hair nourished and hydrated.
  • It helps to regulate itching and dryness.

Cranberry seeds:

  • Cranberry seeds hair pack is the best one to use in the hair care regimen.
  • It simply moisturizes your hair and aids to kickoff dry scalp.
  • It helps to cure scalp itchiness and dandruff.
Cranberry seeds
Cranberry seeds

Grape seed oil:

  • Grapes has not only health benefits and but also hair care benefits.
  • Apply the grape seed oil gently on scalp and hair.
  • Gently massage with your fingers deeply.
  • Then only it will work perfectly.
  • You can heat grape seed oil to the better treatment.

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