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Natural Solutions To Undo Dark Spots, Redness and Uneven Skin Tone Naturally

Skin, which is the largest organ in the body, is also the most neglected one. Toxins, pollutants, hormones and our apathy play ping ball with it. So, it is not surprising when unpleasant things begin to show up and the mirror tells a different tale we sit up and take notice.

Dark Spots
Dark Spots

Yet, our skin is very forgiving and accommodating. Though dark spots, redness or even an uneven tone besmirch it and dull it down, a little care and few inexpensive remedies will bring back the luster, smoothness and even tone with a bang. In this regard, here’re we presenting some natural remedies to undo dark spots with low efforts.

Dark Spots:

Dark spots are a common skin problem among young adults and though not alarming they smother self-esteem. Zits, acne, blemishes and black heads are the primary causes of dark spots. Further these can increase with the increased exposure to the sun. So, apply sun screen to shield from the sun and follow this remedy to experience relief.

Lemon juice is possibly the best remedy for ridding of dark spots caused by any reason. Naturally acidic and loaded with bleaching agents, it fades dark pigment found in dark spots on the skin. Freshly squeezed lemon juice on a cotton ball applied to the affected area and left for 20 minutes and then washed with cold water done 2 -3 times a day for 2 months will remove these dark spots without a trace.

Using a ripe papaya pulp on the bare skin is sure shot way of fading those ugly dark spots. Apply directly on the spot and leave for 15 minutes, rinse with cold water.

Redness of Skin:

Redness of skin is due to the irritation caused to it either due to sunburn or allergy causing temporary sensitivity to chronic skin problems. Extra blood rushes to the skin’s surface to fight off the toxins and hasten healing.

Redness of skin sticks out like an eyesore. Mixing water or pureed fruit with facial clay and applying this thick clay mask to the affected skin for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Redness of Skin
Redness of Skin

Uneven Skin Tone:

Uneven skin tone or hyper pigmentation is because of the over production of melanin tainting your complexion. Too much sun, hormonal imbalances or skin scarring all can lead to uneven skin tone.

Drinking adequate water, using a sunscreen and a moisturizer for your skin type will all go a long way in evening out your skin tone.

If you have an uneven skin tone because of sun or scarring, using baking soda – a natural exfoliator – to gently scratch to rid of the flaky skin also give your skin an even tone.

Looking for another home remedy to even out skin tone, look no further than your kitchen a yoghurt mask is all you need. Yoghurt is a natural bleacher to exfoliate the skin and enhance skin tone. The results are almost immediate. This is safe to use it 4-5 times a week.

Uneven Skin Tone
Uneven Skin Tone

There, you have it. Freedom from dark spots, redness and uneven skin tone to a flattering, flaunting complexion you can be proud of.

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