Sunday , 21 July 2019

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Boost your Brain function with Green Tea

Green Tea Might IncreaseThe Short Term Synaptic Plasticity

Green Tea Boost Brain Function: Have you ever imagined that drinking the antioxidant-rich green tea can boost brain function as it does with your physical health? Yes, it can. Researchers at the University of Basel in Switzerland found preliminary evidence of beneficial effects on the cognitive performance with consumption of green tea extract, especially our working memory. Over the years, ...

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Amazing Health benefits of Banana

Health Benefits Of Banana

Body: Banana contains vitamins, fibre and carbohydrates, which enhances the energy level in the human body. They are tasty, affordable, and available throughout the year. It is available in three colours such as yellow, green and red. Raw banana is used for cooking. Potassium in banana facilitates balancing the electrolyte and body fluids in body cells and assists in regulating ...

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Best Home remedies to treat Diarrhea

Turmeric water

Body: An individual will go to bowel movements for one or two or three times in a day, it depends on the food consumption. If anyone intake food one time, he/she will go to bowel movement one time in a day. If anyone takes the food two times, he will go for two times. If anyone three times, he will ...

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Best Tips and ideas to get Flat belly for Men and Women

Tips And Ideas To Get Flat Belly For Men Women

Body: People who doesn’t follow healthy habits in meals, they definitely get excess fat, which leads to increase in the belly. Once belly increase automatically all health problems will start because irregular body movements, lack of exercise and poor diet. Avoid the food, which contains with low proteins and high fats that leads to big fat belly. Thus, we are ...

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