Monday , 23 July 2018
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Best Home Remedies For Treating An Itchy Scalp

How to Treating An Itchy Scalp

How to Treating An Itchy Scalp Itchy scalp can be a result of many factors like dandruff, dryness, poor hair care, less hydration, dermatitis and fungal infection. Some shampoos are very harsh on your scalp and causes itchiness, coloring the hair also leads to irritation of the scalp. Itchy scalp can be caused by various factors but can be treated with ...

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Top Home Remedies For Vaginal Chafing

What is vaginal chafing

Wearing tight underclothes that rub your crotch leads to irritation, itching and rashes in your intimate areas. A cut from shaving or prolonged rough sex may also be responsible for painful and tender private parts. What is Vaginal Chafing Any activity that causes the skin to rub against clothes or other material is termed as chafing. This condition produces irritation, ...

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