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Amazing Benefits of Giloy : The Ayurvedic Root of Giloy Family, Active Compounds,How To Consume Giloy

Amazing Benefits of Giloy

Amazing Benefits of Giloy Tinospora cordifolia, which is commonly known as Heart-leaved moonseed, and giloy, belongs to the family of Menispermaceae indigenous is a herbaceous vine grows in the tropical areas of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. Giloy family Menispermaceae is a genetically diverse group. It is large, deciduous climbing shrub with greenish-yellow flowers. Its flowers are found at ...

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Encephalitis- Types, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment


What is Encephalitis Encephalitis is a condition that causes acute inflammation of the brain. In the majority of the cases, it is either a viral infection or immune system mistakenly attacking brain tissue and causing inflammation of the brain. They are more than 18,000 hospitalizations because of encephalitis reported every year. About 15 per cent of encephalitis cases occurs in HIV-infected ...

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Agrimony- Features, Uses, How to Use, Side effects, Precautions

Agrimony Distinctive Features

Agrimony for centuries held an important place in medicine. It is reported that agrimony opens obstructions of the liver, and cleanses it; it helps jaundice, and strengthens the inward parts, and is very beneficial to the bowel. Agrimony Distinctive Features:- The distinctive features of Agrimony are as follows: its leaves, which may be up to 20cm long, are neatly serrated, ...

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