Thursday , 20 September 2018
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Home Remedies For Wheezing Respiration

Warm Fluids

Wheezing may be defined as persistent whistling sounds that is produced in the respiratory airways while breathing. In medical term, this condition is known as ‘sibilant ronchi’. What Is Wheezing Wheezing is defined as high-pitched whistling which is heard on exhaling but in severe cases can also be heard while inhaling. Wheezing happens when a portion or part of the ...

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8 Foods You Should Avoid Reheating

Most of the foods taste good when served hot. But due to our busy schedule, many of us resort to reheating precooked or refrigerated food to save time. However, some foods end up becoming carcinogenic or slow poison on reheating. Reheating certain foods is the most unhealthy practice. Thus, it is essential to acknowledge foods you should never reheat. Below ...

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Painkillers from your kitchen


When you are in pain not every time you need to pop a pain killer tablet. Try natural painkillers available in your kitchen. Painkillers From Your Kitchen 1.Cold pack Pulled muscle, muscle spasm, insect bites, Twisted or sprained ankle and bruises respond well to cold packs with ice. Cold therapy with the help of ice packs, frozen gel packs, ice ...

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Chalazion Home Remedies

What is Chalazion

Our eyes make this world beautiful. And our eyelids protect them. Both eyes and eyelids are sensitive parts of our body. Thus, any small ailment related to them becomes a matter of concern. In this article, we will discuss chalazion home remedies. What is Chalazion A chalazion is also known as eye cyst, tarsal cyst, meibomian cyst or conjunctiva l ...

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