Sunday , 25 February 2018

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Hot Summer Home made Face Masks with Fruits

Watermelon Face Pack

Body: The possibility to take more time outdoors doing the issues you enjoy, summer sun is precious. However, the sun appears at a cost and it’s your skin that pays that worth. Sun damages: Premature aging of the skin Lines and wrinkles Scars Dry skin Skin cancer Ultraviolet rays are very dangerous rays which are harmful to our skin. So, ...

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Sandalwood Face Packs For Natural Skin Whitening

Sandalwood Face packs

BODY: Everyone is ready to make anything for beauty and performing global efforts to protect it. Let’s see the sandalwood face packs for your beautiful skin. Combination of sandalwood and rose gives you many benefits. If you apply both mixtures, your skin will be very fresh, beautiful and younger. Your skin will be free from scars, black spots and you ...

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Best Baking Soda Beauty Tips For Health And Beauty Care

Best Baking Soda Beauty Tips

Body: Baking soda is also known as sodium bicarbonate which is using for lot of health, skin and beauty care. It has lot of health benefits. You can use this in face masks to skin care improvement. The chemical formula is NaHCo3. Baking soda dissolves only in water (H2o). You can use this as foot soak, beauty treatment, body scrub ...

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Best Homemade Tulsi Face Packs

Tulsi Face Packs

Body: Tulsi is one of the best medicinal plants which are known for its various health and skin issues. This is an ancient plant which is recognized as a holy plant to Indians. It gives an abundant source of anti-oxidant and decreases the ageing process. Tulsi is also called as queen of herbs. It has been widely renowned in South ...

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