Sunday , 23 September 2018
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Avoid Sedentary Lifestyle with Hourly Walks

Sedentary Lifestyle

BODY: Taking hourly walks can counteract the adverse outcomes of being trapped in a cubicle, a new research concludes. You’ve probably heard the reports by now: A sedentary lifestyle, being a couch potato or glued to the workstation, will likely make an individual prone to heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancers, depression and even a significant decline in life expectancy. But ...

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Lemon Beauty Secret for Skin Whitening

lemon beauty secret

BODY: Fairer skin is always a main attraction for women. A wide variety of home remedies are used to improve skin complexion. Especially skin complexion and beauty of the skin can be improved by lemon juice. Those who would like to have bright skin; they need to know how to use lemon juice to the face. Let’s look at the ...

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Use Henna For Hair Care

Henna For Hair Care

Body: Henna is a made from crushed leaves and branches of henna plant which is in paste form. It is one of the best substances which is using for plenty of beauty factors. It has been one of the recommended hair care compounds available to everyone. It has been using for colouring as mehandi from earlier days. And queens were ...

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Fitness Habits Have Long-Lasting Results

Fitness Habits

BODY: Regular physical activity has been known to provide many proven health benefits. But have you ever given a second thought that our current activity levels and diet can impact the outcome of health and well-being for decades from now? Fitness habits may impact on future health and fitness. A recent study conducted by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in ...

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