Saturday , 25 November 2023

Presence of Germs in Our Daily Life

Presence of germs:

Presence of germs is everywhere in this world. Bacteria, virus and other infections are spread across the world and many people have already been victims of these germs. So, only being clean and healthy can save us from these infections. There are many such areas where germs are present and let’s see those places.


We wake up in the morning and take the TV remote in hands and start watching television. Our remote has lots of bacteria and other infections. We sneeze or clean our running nose with hands and touch the remote with same hands; as a result, the remote becomes the hub of all infections. By doing so, we are just transferring infections to our beloved family members. So, washing hands cleanly is only the way to keep all bacteria at bay.

Presence of germs Remote
Presence of germs Remote

Cell Phone:

Cell phones have become a part and parcel of life and one can’t live without mobiles. Generally our mobiles are filled with infections as they are not cleaned regularly and pass through many hands. Cleaning mobiles with dettol and cotton can keep infections away to an extent.


Money also passes through many hands and it contains lot of infections. Avoid contact of money with mouth, because bacteria get easily passed through mouth.

Presence of germs Money
Presence of germs Money

Swimming Pools:

Generally, management of swimming pools mix chlorine in the pool water to kill germs, but many people may swim in the water and they contaminate water. So, chlorine may not be able to kill all the germs. Moreover, contaminated water may easily make you fall sick and leads to skin infections as well. So, make sure that you don’t intake water into your mouth from pool while swimming.

Work Place:

It is the common area which most people just neglect the hygiene. Our work place is filled with all kinds of bacteria and infections and we just neglect to wash hands cleanly before eating. Infections and bacteria accumulate in our work place mainly due to lack of cleanliness.

Presence of germs Work Place
Presence of germs Work Place

Public Toilets:

Many of us hate to go into public toilets as we know that they contain lot of germs, but at times we come across such situations where we ought to go to such places. Most of infections are present on buckets, mugs, taps, etc.

Retail Stores:

We often go to retail stores to pick our daily needs and touch different products. Many people touch the same products and so there is a chance that germs present on the product may get transferred to us easily. So, make sure that next time you visit any mall or store, wash your hands properly.


Washing hands properly is the best way to avoid germs to enter our mouth and maintaining proper hygiene like having bath and washing legs after coming home from outside. Having bath with hot water and using antiseptic soaps can be handy. Children must be given special care as they tend to fall sick easily due to low immunity levels.
Following these simple tips can keep us safe from germs.

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