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Proper Hair Care Steps to Wash the Hair

Hair Care Tips:

Hair is the most important part in the human being, which decides one’s beauty. Everyone desires to protect the hair but due to daily tough activities, one cannot protect the hair. Hair wash is not only an important thing but also need to know proper hair care steps to wash the hair.

Hair Care Steps to Wash the Hair
Hair Care Steps to Wash the Hair

Soaking process:

First, rinse off your hair thoroughly with water for two minutes.
Then gently massage the hair with shampoo for few minutes.
But only use lukewarm water in this entire process.
It will help to unclog the pores of the scalp.

Don’t use shampoo on scalp directly:

According to the recent report from experts, usage of shampoo directly on scalp causes to hair damage because shampoos made from high concentrated chemical products. So, completely avoid the shampoo in direct use on the scalp.

Cold water:

Always use cold water to rinse off your hair that is really effective for your healthy hair. It helps to close the cuticles and also to fasten the moisture in each follicle. To remove the conditioner and shampoo use only cold water.

Smoothly brushing:

Don’t rub the hair hardly that causes life less and dull. Rub the hair smoothly with a towel or a brush. After the head bath generally you will pat dry the hair with the towel.
So, leave the hair dry naturally or smoothly rub on the scalp. This process can be used in the free time not in the hurry period.

Oil massage:

Before you going to head bath at least an hour ago, apply the oil on scalp. It is very essential step you have to follow. Choose best oils like olive oil, coconut or mustard oil to apply on the hair. Regular oiling is the very best method to avoid the hair falling.


When the hair is wet, remove out the hair is very tough. Make your hair into small few partitions and detangle it. Make your hair knot free with this process easily. During or before the shampoo detangle the hair.

Hair Care Steps Detangle
Hair Care Steps Detangle


Use your fingers to massage on the scalp. This is very best method to relief and to stimulate scalp. Massage on scalp in circular motion for several times for better results.


Brush your hair during the head bath is the amazing method to control the hair fall and limit the pore clogging. Especially it improves the blood circulation.


After the shampoo apply the conditioner, which is effective. Apply with the help a comb is a perfect thing.

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