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Rib Cage Pain:Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Home Remedies

Rib cage pain might be sharp, dull, or throbbing and felt at or underneath the mid-section or over the navel on either side. It might happen after an undeniable damage or without clarification.

Causes Rib Cage Pain
Causes Rib Cage Pain

Rib cage pain can be because of anything from pulled muscles to a rib crack. This pain may happen promptly upon damage or grow gradually after some time. It can likewise be an indication of a fundamental restorative condition, so you ought to report any example of unexplainable rib cage pain to your specialist instantly.

What Causes Rib Cage Pain?

The most widely recognized reasons for rib cage pain are a pulled muscle or wounded ribs. Different reasons for pain in the rib cage region are:

  • broken ribs
  • injuries to the mid-section
  • rib cracks
  • infections that influence the bones, for example, osteoporosis
  • aggravation of the covering of the lungs
  • muscle fits
  • aggravated rib ligament
  • At the point when to see your specialist
  • Rib cage pain might be evident with no development. You may likewise encounter sharp pain when taking in or when moving into a specific position.

Contact your specialist instantly in the event that you encounter serious pain when taking in or moving your body into a particular position, or on the off chance that you have any trouble relaxing. In the event that you feel the weight or have pain in your mid-section alongside rib cage inconvenience, look for crisis help. These manifestations might be the indication of an approaching heart assault.

How To Diagnose Rib Cage Pain?

When you see a specialist, describe the sort of pain you’re encountering and the developments that exacerbate the pain. The kind of pain you’re encountering and also the region of pain can help the specialist figure out which tests will help them make a determination.

They mostly Recommend

  • X-ray testing
  • Bone density scanning
  • MRI scanning is also done to know the exact region where there is severe aching is observed.

What are the Treatment Choices for Rib Cage Pain?

The suggested treatment for rib cage pain relies on upon the reason for the pain. On the off chance that the rib cage pain is because of a minor harm, for example, a pulled muscle or wound you can utilize a chilly pack on the territory to lessen swelling. In case you’re in huge pain, you can likewise assume control over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers, for example, Tylenol.

On the off chance that a rib break or broken ribs are bringing about the pain and OTC prescription isn’t working, your specialist will prescribe pain alleviation solutions. You may likewise get a pressure wrap. A pressure wrap is an extensive, flexible swathe that wraps around your midsection. The pressure wrap holds the range firmly to avert further damage and more prominent pain. Be that as it may, these wraps are vital in uncommon cases in light of the fact that the snugness of the pressure wrap makes it hard to relax. This can expand your danger of pneumonia.

In the event that bone tumor is bringing on the pain, your specialist will talk about treatment alternatives with you taking into account the area of the disease, whether it has spread, or if there are any unusual developments present. Your specialist may propose surgery to evacuate strange developments.

Now and again, surgical evacuation isn’t conceivable or might be excessively unsafe. In these cases, the specialist may contract them utilizing chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Once the development is sufficiently little, they may then expel it surgically.

Prevention of Rib Cage Pain

You can anticipate rib cage pain because of muscle strains or sprains by extending your muscles, utilizing exercise hardware appropriately, and staying hydrated. In the event that a disease, for example, COPD or tumor is bringing on your rib cage pain, get a lot of rest and take after your specialist’s treatment arrangement. Self-care medications, for example, applying ice to injuries or scrubbing down to unwind, can likewise avoid pain.

Home Remedies For Rib Cage Pain

This remedies not only provide long-term benefit but also avoid further worsening of symptoms

Apple Cider Vinegar- Make compress using apple cider vinegar and place it over ribs and repeat the process for about three times a day. This compress promotes healing and also reduces swelling or any inflammation on the ribs.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar

 Epsom salt and Lavender oil- seAdd the equal amount of Epsom salt and lavender oil to your bathing water and make sure water should be hot but not super hot that might burn your skin. Do this relaxing bath every other day and notice improvement in your pain.

Epsom salt and Lavender oil
Epsom salt and Lavender oil

Turmeric- Increase intake of turmeric in your daily food as it promotes healing and acts as anti-inflammatory agent. If possible consume turmeric tea thrice a day.


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