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Safety Tips During Monsoons

Safety Tips During Monsoons

After sweat drenching summers, coming of monsoons is a blessing. Rainy season is welcomed with an open heart and enjoyed by all. Whenever we talk about monsoons few things that come to our mind are raindrops, pleasant weather, cold breeze, raincoats, dark clouds, umbrella, the smell of wet soil, hot coffee, greenery, pakodas and dancing kids. Everything seems magical.

Safety Tips During Monsoons
Safety Tips During Monsoons

But this is only one side of the coin. Monsoon is the most favourable season for the growth disease-causing bacteria, protozoa and viruses. Elderly, kids and those with poor immunity are most vulnerable during rainy season.

Read this article and follow the tips given below to stay protected during monsoons.

Tips to stay protected during monsoons:

1. Refrain yourself from spending a long time in the rain-

Do not let your child play or dance in the rain forlong as they may catch a cold. Make sure to carry an umbrella or raincoat with yourself where ever you go.

After getting drenched in the rain take a warm water shower, dry yourself properly and wear dry clothes.Keep a set of uniform in your office so that if you get drenched on your way to the office, you can change after reaching your workplace.

2. Proper ventilation of the room-

Keep your room ventilated especially during the day. If it’s a sunny morning, open the windows to let the sun rays enter the room. Try to maintainnormal room temperature. At evening close the doors and windows to keep mosquitoes and flies away.

3. Stay protected from mosquitoes-

Monsoons are the best season for mosquitoes to breed because they breed in stagnant water bodies. Get rid of stagnant water bodies near your houses. Do not throw coconut shells or other utensils that can hold water. Change the water in water coolers regularly. Use mosquito repellent or mosquito nets and wear full clothes that completely cover your body, hands and legs.

Stay protected from mosquitoes
Stay protected from mosquitoes

4. Cleanliness-

Make sure to takes a bath regularly with an antiseptic soap. Wash your hands properly before and after eating and after coming from outside.Your cloth should be dry,or you may catch a cold or flu.If you see your kid biting their nails, ask him/her not to do this as nails contain harmful bacterias. Do not step out on the wet ground barefoot. Keep your foot clean and dry.

5. Pay attention to what you eat and drink-

Eat homemade food. Avoid outside food, especially street foods. Drink boiled and purified water. Carry your water bottle where ever you go. During the rainy season the digestive system becomes weak, so eat homemade light and healthy food. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

Pay attention to what you eat and drink
Pay attention to what you eat and drink

6. Keep the house clean-

Keep your house neat, clean and dry. Ensure that the drainage system is proper and there is no chance of water to clog and cause leakage.

7. Avoid green leafy vegetable-

During monsoons, green leafy vegetables are contaminated with harmfulmicroorganisms that may hamper your and your kid’s digestion so better avoid eating green leafy veggies. Properly wash the fruits and check them to rule out the presence of pests before eating. Properly cook the vegetables before eating and serving.

8.Beware of monsoon-

related diseases- Know about monsoon-related common diseases such as dengue, malaria, stomach flu, cough, cold and conjunctivitis and learn about their symptoms and preventive measures. In case you suspect any of them do consult your doctor.

Beware of monsoon
Beware of monsoon

I hope you will find the above tips useful. Happy monsoons.

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