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Set up Omnivore Box with Seasonal Fruits

Seasonal Fruits:
Fruits are believed to be the universal healthiest foods that everyone loves to eat. Sometimes people might be restricting themselves due to the myths like eating guavas in winter causes cough cold, some fruits should not be eaten by diabetics, etc., but nature knew better than us, right? Fruits grown in a specific season have its own specialty and several benefits can be reaped when consumed in a limited quantity.

Depending upon the climatic conditions and the nature of the soil, different fruits are grown in various parts of the world. Always follow the cycle of nature and opt for the fresh fruits to stay healthy. To know which fruit comes in which season you have two options, one is to roam in the market and find out the abundant fruit available and the other simple way is to follow the subject. By the way, India observes three main seasons’ winter, summer and monsoon. Let us have a sneak peak of the seasonal fruits.


The season of spine chilling cold has arrived and we see most of the people battling with sneeze & cough all around. To stay fit and healthy, one needs to boost their immunity. Oranges, apples, pineapples, custard apples, papayas, pomegranates, chikoos, kiwis, jujubes, grapes,etc., are rich sources of Vitamin C, E, Zinc and will help you to maintain a healthy immune system and they even shortens the severity of the disease.

Seasonal Fruits: Winter Fruits
Seasonal Fruits: Winter Fruits


During this season our body secretes more sweat as a result it requires plenty of water and we can’t survive drinking water all the day. So we depend more on juices and cool drinks which refreshes us for a short while. Watermelons, muskmelons, mangoes, jackfruits, cherries, figs, plums, peaches,etc., quenches our thirst and are also rich sources of vitamins and minerals. These amazing super fruits keep you cool and hydrated throughout the season.

Seasonal Fruits: Summer Fruits
Seasonal Fruits: Summer Fruits


We will be waiting for the monsoon drizzles after experiencing the scorching sun. Everyone likes to have something spicy, hot and tempt towards pakodas, street and junk food. By which plethora of problems arrive. Instead of choosing such foods one can opt for fresh fruits available in the season and boost their immunity. Papayas, guavas, grapes, pomegranates, custard apples, etc., available in the market can be chosen.

Seasonal Fruits: Monsoon Fruits
Seasonal Fruits: Monsoon Fruits

Some fruits like bananas, apples, etc., are available throughout the year and can be consumed at any time. Don’t think that fruits are heavy on pocket. Just go for fruits which keep you fresh and healthy all the time. Whether it may be organic or not, wash the fruits under running water before you start eating.

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