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8 Simple Ways to Increase Female Fertility

Women take fertility for granted. But when they decide to plan a family and find difficulty in getting pregnant she searches for ways to improve her productivity.

The best way to improve female fertility is to improve your diet and lifestyle. Make healthy choices to maintain the health of eggs you have.

Simple Ways to Increase Female Fertility
Simple Ways to Increase Female Fertility

The female ovary has eggs from the time of birth. After puberty one egg grows and is released during each cycle. Quality gets to have more chance to conceive and produce healthy babies. It takes around 90 days for an egg to be prepared for ovulation. During this time external factors can very quickly affect the health of egg. Also, as you age, the DNA of the egg starts to degrade. It is difficult for the a=bnormal eggs to fertilise of the implant in the uterus.

How to improve female fertility or egg quality

Quit smoking-

Smoking results in 13 percent of female infertility. It reduces your chance to get pregnant. Quit smoking an improve your health.

Improve your diet-

What you eat plays effects the health of eggs you have. Pay attention to your food and make healthy choices to balance hormones. Eat healthy fats like olive oil, salmon and avocado. Eat whole grains, fruits and fresh vegetables.

Consume lean proteins such as lentils and chicken.

Eliminate refined sugar, processed foods and caffeinated drinks.


Be regular with exercise. Practice brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming or aerobics. Exercise 5 days for 45 minutes in a week. Maintaining a healthy weight keeps the level of hormones in balance and also improves the quality if eggs.


Drink lots of water-

Staying hydrated is critical to get pregnant. When dehydrated blood flow gets poor and results in health issues. Make sure to drink 9-10 glasses of water every day.

Fertility massage-

massage may be helpful in promoting the blood flow to female reproductive organs. Massaging fills the ovaries and uterus with oxygenated and fresh blood and also removes old and stagnant blood. Fertility massage should be started on the day periods end and continues till next period begins. Better aim for four massages in 7 days.

Fertility massage
Fertility massage


Stress is a silent killer and makes conception difficult. Try relaxation exercises, deep breathing, yoga and Meditation to keep stress at bay. And yes stay away or at least do not pay attention to the advises you are unwantedly poured by relatives and friends related to pregnancy and conception as it will make you more stressed out.

Clean your body for hormonal balance-

For this reduce exposure to xenohormones, drink lots of water, eat right, exercise regularly and avoid stress.


Certain herbs and supplements improve fertility. Maca popularly used to maintain fertility and virility. Maca roots is an adaptogen and support hormonal balance.


Have sex regularly with your partner-

Make sure you have sex at least three times in a week if you are planning to get pregnant. During your fertility days that starts from 5 days before ovulation and you are fertile for two days after ovulation have sex every alternate day. Ovulation happens 14 days before your periods begin so if you have 28 days cycle ovulation day is on 14 days after periods start.

Better maintain an ovulation calendar or try ovulation kit to access when you are ovulating. This will help you to plan when you should have sex.

Avoid long runs, sauna, hot tubs after having sex. Also, avoid douche.

Keep all the simple ways to improve your fertility. Practice it. Have patience and do share the happy news with us.

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