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Simple Ways to Reduce Cancer Effectively

Reduce Cancer:

Cancer, a dangerous disease which has affected many people across the world, is one such word humans are scared of, because it is a life threatening disease and many people have been the victims of cancer. Life becomes tough and takes away happiness from people. Let’s see a few such tips to reduce cancer.


Many people think that consuming alcohol is not good for health. Yes, it is absolutely true, but consuming alcohol, especially beer, has many good effects on stomach. As consuming beer prevents ulcers in stomach by cutting down the effects of bacteria that causes ulcers in stomach and puts stomach cancer at bay. However, it should be consumed in very little amounts.


Fresh fruits:

People should only consume fresh fruits and fruits which are kept in refrigerators as storage tend to lose nutrients that are capable of fighting cancer. So, always consume fresh fruits and don’t put the fruits in refrigerators.

Avoid smoking:

Smoking brings all sorts of troubles, not only cancer but other health diseases as well. The fact is that, many people smoke knowing the effects of smoking and tobacco. Smoking in the long run causes lung cancer and other cancers as well.


Consuming excess salt may make you prone to effected with stomach cancer. So, consume salt in minimal amounts.


Healthy weight:

Being in shape and maintaining healthy weight are also important as far as keeping cancer at bay. Eating right food and exercising keeps you fit and active. Additional weight disturbs daily metabolism and leads to accumulation of unnecessary fats in adipose tissues.

Healthy weight
Healthy weight

Stay away from sun:

Many people are becoming victims of skin cancer due to increase in the levels of pollution in environment. Pollution is making way for penetration of UV rays from ozone layer and people who are exposed to sun for long hours are more prone to skin cancer. So, stay out of sun and apply sun screen lotion while stepping out of home or cover with clothes.

Stay away from sun
Stay away from sun

Early detection:

keep an eye on your body, find out if any tumor exists in your body and consult a doctor for a screening. Also consider cancer history of your family. Early detection can reduce cancer effects.

Prefer steamed vegetables:

Prefer steam cooked foods over fried, micro waved or baked foods. Fresh and steam cooked foods retains all the nutrients and helps in fighting cancer. Other sort of cooking tends to lose required nutrients.

Scents and perfumes:

Perfumes and scents release chemical organic compounds that may increase the risk of lung cancer. So, it is advisable to keep such thing at bay.

Avoid sitting continuously for hours:

Recent studies have concluded that it is not safe to sit for long hours without moving, as it may lead to cancer in specific areas of body like womb, intestine, lungs, etc. Studies also have suggested that a person should not sit without moving for more than two hours.

Avoid sitting continuously for hours
Avoid sitting continuously for hours

Follow these simple tips and lead a healthy and happy life and keep caner in control.

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