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Stop The Worst Habit Nail Biting

Most people have nail-biting habit. They don’t care about the words of older and their philosophy says that this is not good for the fortune and people who bite the nail will have to face problems in their life. However, the scientific reason for this, the negative energy goes out from the end of the nails.

Habit Nail Biting
Habit Nail Biting

By putting them in mouth to biting, negative energy will enters into the body. Moreover, if we clean the nails for many times, soil and microorganisms will not leave the place. These go inside of the body and causes illness. Sometimes children swallow the nails. Sometimes nails reaches in the intestine and leads to operation. This is very harmful in many ways like above said. Therefore, avoid the bad habit nail-biting and live healthy without any ailments. Let’s know about the growth of nails and learn how they can cause infections.

Facts About Nails:-

Nails increase as long as the life. This is some variation in the growth of man to man. Toenails will increase only one-third of the increase in hand nails. Nails grow faster in male and pregnant lady fingernails in the daytime and summer, especially middle three finger nails. Grow of the nails will be reduced in the night time in old age, especially in winter. Certain medications, thyroid problems, malnutrition and fever will reduce the growth of nails. The primary task of the nails is to protect tips of the nails, find touch and increase beauty of the person.

Facts About Nails
Facts About Nails

Nail Diseases:-

Some of the nail diseases were started right from the birth. Some of the nail problems come from due to hereditary. The birth is happening without nails are called as ‘Anonychia’. Some of the people appear with two or three fingers and some will not grow until the end of the finger nails. Some have just a thin layer claws, and are frequently renewed. Some of the people have the condition of leavened is known as ‘nail clubbing’, a internal indicator for many ailments. Skin diseases like psoriasis and Lichen planus will impact nails. Many of the fungus diseases will infect and destroy the nails. It may be a chance to spread of the Syphilis, a sexually transmitted infection to the nails.

Nail Diseases
Nail Diseases

A few Bacterial Nail Infections:-

Colour changes in nails. Certain medications can also change the color of the nail and this can lead to ugly nails. White crosses in the nails are index to past ailments. There may be chance to transmit the disease like Warts and herpes to the nails. A few drops of blood are under the nails due to some severe conditions. The shape of the nail is changing due to lack of vitamins. The shape of the nail will change into spoon shape due to anemia. There are so many conditions impact the fingernails and toenails.

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