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Surprising Techniques to Time-Wasters

Techniques to Time-Wasters:

There are two main categories that time gangsters can fall under their. The first category is self-generated internal time wasters where the things that you do yourself to waste the time and are the easiest way to control. The second category is the external time wasters where the things of other people do to waste their time. This can be more difficult to control, though it can be controlled with a little bit of effort and imagination.There are many time wasters that will really eat into their time if you allow them to. To free up your time just you need to identify those them, decide what you want to do about them and then take the action.


Meetings can be a one kind of time waster if there isn’t a specific reason, program and timeframe for holding them. It is too easy to fall into the habit of holding a meetings without realizing that some of that time could be spent more successfully. A small amount of time is clarifying the need and reason for the meeting that could be save a lot of time in the long run.

Surprising Techniques to Time-Wasters
Surprising Techniques to Time-Wasters – Meetings

Crisis Management, Firefighting:-

When you are running around like a headless-chicken, where too much time is wasted through a lack of usefulness. You are not only focused and working on what’s important. There are too many urgent items are getting in the way. Because you are like in a hurry, things are not be done well and frequently come back to bite you by wasting a more time when you need to rebuild it.

Telephone, email and Internet:-

These can also be breaks and as with meetings where that can be an easy to spend quite a bit of time on the telephone or internet without any real reason or plan. Time is wasted when you don’t make the best use of the time, when you are uncertain about what you want to get out of what you are doing and when you lost off the point and meaning.

Telephone, email and Internet
Telephone, email and Internet


Putting things off trashes not only your time but also your energy and thoughts. When you postpone any work, much time is spent on thinking and worrying about the things which you need to do. You can give yourself as a hard time for not doing them and therefore you’re unable to spend your time is well, especially when a core time is arrives and what you’ve been is postponing over finally that has to be done. If you see yourself as someone who is postpones then you’ll remain in that endless cycle.

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