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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes, Treatment

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder Autism spectrum disorder is a condition that impacts brain development and also impacts how autistic child perceives and socializes with others which can cause problems in social interaction and communication. This disorder causes limited and repetitive behaviour patterns. The term “spectrum” in this disorder refers to the wide range of signs and symptoms and its …

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Affective Disorders: Types, Incidence, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Rating scales

Affective Disorders The most important feature of an affective disorder is an alteration in mood and depression.The most common presentation of symptoms is that of a low mood or depression. Less commonly, the mood swings may be high or elated, as in mania. Types Of Affective Disorder Depression Everyone in the normal course of daily life will experience alterations in …

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