Tuesday , 25 April 2023

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These Foods Will Make Your Kids Taller In A Healthy Way

Certain foods gives your child a good height and health as well

All of us want our kids to grow taller in a healthy way as good height gives an attractive personality and charm as well. It is very important to involve your child in physical activities and sports to regain his height in a better way. Certain foods gives your child a good height and health as well Being glued to …

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Things To Consider Before Decorating Kid’s Room

Things To Consider Before Decorating Kid's Room

It’s a beautiful feeling to see your tiny tots enjoy their little space. The major task is to decorate these spaces to their liking and comfort. And it is where they spend quiet a lot of time and so it does influence them to a great extend. You will have to give some thought over the colour, theme, materials and …

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Confused which Hair Cut to Go for?


When giving your boy or girl a haircut you need to put into consideration his face shape. Here is a guide on the best haircuts for different face shapes and this kind of hair cuts are trending in the year 2016 as per the shapes of faces: Oblong An oblong face is a face that is longer than wide. Since …

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Discipline Strategies for Children

Effective Discipline

Child Care: Discipline Strategies Children who grow day by day may not listen to parents or their beloved ones. It would be a great problem to their parents. Parents always concern about their children’s future. Some children refuse to listen to their parents. Parents should foster good behavior in children for their bright future. Discipline for kids is very important …

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