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These Home Remedies Will Ease Off Your Period Pain Effectively

How to Get Rid of Your Period Pain Effectively

How to Get Rid of Your Period Pain Effectively Period pains are the most uncomfortable ones as they create lot of uneasiness and screeching pain in the lower abdomen area. For some women it is an easy journey but for some the pain is just unbearable. Period pain is very uncomfortable and makes you feel sick First two days of periods ...

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5 Whisky Facials you Never Heard of Before!

5 Whisky Facials you never heard of before

Whisky Facials Alcohol could be used in facials in a variety of ways because it’s been proven to provide numerous benefits for your skin. Not only skin, alcohol also improves your hair texture and makes it shine. Whisky facials are getting quite popular and I would suggest one must definitely try these. It is very good for acne prone skin ...

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Tips to Lose Belly Fat Easily, Naturally, Home Remedies

Tips to Lose Belly Fat Easily, Naturally, Home Remedies

Home Remedies to Lose Belly Fat Easily Would you love to lost weight naturally just by making small diet changes and lifestyle changes? Trust me it’s quite easy to lose weight by bring about some tiny changes in your daily routine. In this article I shall discuss what one must do to lose belly fat easily and naturally. Life Style ...

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What Could Make One Live Longer?

Healthy ways Diet to Live Longer

Tips to Live Longer Ultimately living longer means having great cell health and preventing deterioration of cells. What must one include in their diet? 1. Leafy Greens Filled with fiber and nutrition. Ex: kale, broccoli, spinach 2. Olive Oil Contains monounsaturated fat called oleic acid which helps for proper balance of total cholesterol in body. 3. Flaxseeds Rich in vitamin ...

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Woman’s Guide: Safe and Easy Beauty Tips for Summer

Woman’s guide: Safe and Easy Beauty Tips for Summer

Beauty Tips for Summer: Everyone is very happy to welcome summer season but they may worry about their skin. It means people need some extra care for their skin and body to glow. Skin is the most well-known organ in our body. In the summer season skin requirements are very different while compare with winter. For the skin, the hot ...

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Simple and Natural Practices to Improve your Digestion

Improve your Digestion

Improve your Digestion: Digestion of food is very important for our body to keep us fit and healthy. Digestion improves overall absorption of nutrients of by the body and keeps us hale and healthy. However, we come across a few people who suffer from digestion problems. Improper digestive system leads to all sorts of health problems. So, here let’s see ...

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How to lead a Long and Healthy Life

Long and Healthy Life

Long and Healthy Life: Life is a precious gift given by god and one must live life to the fullest. And to do so, it is necessary to lead a long and healthy life. Everyone is busy in their own work, especially grownups, because they have some responsibilities to fulfill. So go through this article to know how to lead ...

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Nutrition Rich Juices for your Post Workout

Workout Food & Nutrition Rich Juices

Nutrition Rich Juices Fitness is a significant part of everyone’s life and also it is important to know all about the post workout nutrition. However, post workout nutrition is something that where it tends to be a confusing that is whether people should drink protein shakes or eat a solid food? Eating after workout counter will be the effects of their exercise, ...

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Delicious Summer Dessert Recipes for all Occasions

Summer Dessert Recipes Mango Ice Cream

Summer Dessert Recipes: In India, summer is a very hot season, especially in the northern parts of the country. It is very significant to take the proper diet in summer where to keep the body cool and keep the diseases such as dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Summer in full sweep and the mercury is heading the north where every doctor ...

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Superfoods for your Liver Cleansing

Beetroot Improve Liver Function

We live in world anywhere but disease is constantly on the rise. This should come as no surprise as environment where we choose to surround ourselves which is extremely toxic that is air, food, water etc. Livers work extremely hard in everyday that is to protect us from adverse effects from the toxins and also often it is easy for ...

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