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The Best One Week Weight Loss Plan

If you want to lose your weight in a week, follow this plan. It’s not the advertisement on television. In the current circumstances, everyone’s hope would know how to reduce their weight..! People are trying different methods like walking, practicing yoga and gym to reduce their body weight. Everybody thinks that it’s not a big deal. You can reduce your weight easily with our weight loss plan. Let’s see how to reduce your weight in a week.

Prepare a time table to excess deposits dissolve in your body without giving any extra calories to the food you eat for a week. Make sure that check your excess weight. You must sure follow the given simple rules and in addition to the food rules.

First day:
Consume all kinds of fresh fruits except banana in your diet. You can consume all types of fruits your choice especially it is good to eat more watermelons and muskmelons. There is no limit. You can eat as much as you want. Your body and digestive system will be prepared well by the intake of fruits as food.

Fresh Fruits Weight Loss Plan
Fresh Fruits Weight Loss Plan

Second day:
You should eat only vegetables in your diet. Start the day by eating a large boiled potato in your breakfast. You can have rest of the vegetables by raw or boiled. Salt and pepper are your choice. The oil should not be used. You can eat as much as you want.

Third day:
You can intake all the fruits and vegetables you want except banana and potato. From now on, your body will begin to melt excess fat values.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Weight Loss Plan
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Weight Loss Plan

Fourth day:
Take 8 bananas and three glasses of milk. You may not have almost the appetite to go comfortably throughout the day by notice. No need to consume 8 bananas in a day. It’s better to reduce the amount. If you want to drink more, you can intake 100 ml vegetable soup.

Fifth day:
You should eat a cup of rice and 6 tomatoes. A cup rice, vegetables or Green leafy vegetables curry, is cooked without oil for lunch and take two tomatoes in the breakfast. Eat only a cup of rice.

Sixth day:
You should intake a cup of rice, vegetables, and fruit juice. You should take raw or cooked vegetables (except potatoes) same as on the second day. Eat curried rice and there is no limit to vegetables. Due to lack of appetite, no need to consume as on the second day.

Seventh day:
You should consume a cup of rice, vegetables, and fruit juice. As the sixth day of eating, you should take less vegetables and fruit juice (without sugar). On the same day of afternoon, as usually try to eat rice one cup or less. You will notice amazing change in a few days.

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