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The Trending Smart Phone Addiction

You eat , drink sleep even free your bowels with the device stuck to your hand and significantly to your brain. Some don’t even take their heads off the screen to even cross a road or drive a car! The addiction of smart phone has made an huge impact on people and it continues to strengthen its hold.

Almost 9 out of 10 own a smart phone
Almost 9 out of 10 own a smart phone

The Rise

Every new discovery of connectivity brought with it a new addiction that made humans further away. Initially, the mobile phone or cell phone only make to make calls and send messages, it then went ahead to bring Bluetooth and internet connectivity in the scene. However, it has been 20 years now and the “smart phone era” is just spreading like forest fire . Almost 9 out of 10 own a smart phone.

Wherever you are, with a connection you can stay connected with your friends, send a person miles away live clicked selfie, book your flight tickets, buy a new shoe or send your loved ones a new pair or even call yourself a cab. The possibilities are numerous.

The Conquer

The hand-held gadget is taking over the human race like plague. Teens as well as adults are equally addicted to their phones. A person just allows all of their life revolve around this device, around the clock. You wake up, reach out to your phone and that is how the day begins. It continues until you doze off

unknowingly holding your phone. People no more have time to lift their heads and meet or greet others. They also can’t get their hands off their phones during dinner or even important meetings. If by chance they do keep it down , one buzz and they run to it, like doctors on call.

  • These are a few common symptoms you may find in a smart-phone addict:
  • Exhibits anxiety and panic when phone battery is low or service is unavailable.
  • Sleeps with phone either under pillow or nearby.
  • Goes to sleep with phone in hand.
  • Connects online rather than with real people around.
  • Can’t let off the phone even while driving.
  • Thinks that their phone just buzzed or rang even when it hasn’t.
  • Has their phone on the table while having meals.

The Not-for-Good Change

The rise of smart-phone has , with no doubt, made huge achievements to bring technology to fingertips. The device that fits into your palm just makes anything possible for you but it crosses all the limit when it destroys all traits of human empathy. Even an entire word was discovered to capture the situation- ‘phubbing’.

Phubbing means nothing but to ignore a person or one’s surroundings when in a social situation by busying oneself with a mobile or such other device. It has in fact become a normal human trait, like it is a part of manners. You phub and get phubbed.

The Not-for-Good Change
The Not-for-Good Change

Besides the social behavioural problems, there is so much to its impact on the population. There is great effect of psychological aspects too. For many, mobile addiction is a way to fight stress hence they take this dependence to be a remedy. While in others it may start by causing social disorders and continue to cause stress and depression and finally affecting their lifestyle.

It is also not unknown that prolonged used to devices generating radiations are hazardous to health causing a chance for cancers, specially, brain cancers. It could also be cause for headaches, memory impairment, concentration, fatigue, dizziness and disturbed sleep.

Cutting off from Phones

From a lower percentage of 35, back in 2011, 64 % of the population in America was reported to be addicted to their mobile phones in 2015. It is not that they are unaware of their addiction, many are just struggling to get rid of it, but sadly, they keep failing.

Getting yourself out of this habit is not an easy task. Just like alcohol and drug addiction, this too shows what you call “withdrawal symptoms”. Here you experience anxiety and fear of being cut off from social media, networking etc. You tend to check your phones every 2 minutes even when you are deprived of an internet connection.

With widespread accessibility, most teens are prone to an addiction. One may say that, the generation really lacks self-regulation and is under much stress as you don’t see the elder generation being affected by such addictions. Science may also explain that a negative alteration in the brain is responsible for this addiction.

However, there is hope to recover if you or your loved ones are from those suffer this addiction. You can approach help centers or psychologists for therapy and other ways of help. Slowly but gradually you too can cut loose from its hold.

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